Monday, January 23, 2012

To Soon To Tell..

But I think we're on the mend! These past two months have been full of sickness. One after the next, passing things around. And this morning, both kiddos finally seemed to wake up in a good mood!
Mila eating a bagel for breakfast, Ian in Cars 'jamas'

Besides Mila's crying all the time now (she's kind of turning into a drama queen, I have no idea where she gets that from) we've been good so far today. I'm catching up on laundry and cleaning, pretty much everything household-y since it all fell to the way side during 2 months of sickness. But, Daddy Bendig has been pretty busy around here too.

Our new blue door!

Our door was unfinished since we moved in and the peep hole was so high that only a giant could see through it. Stephen was kind enough to lower it (I can see through it now!) and paint it blue! Next, we need to paint the inside of the door and either take off the storm door or fix it. It was an extremely lazy install job. And, this past weekend, Stephen made some headway on the front yard.

The process of the front garden/future patio.

We're still in the drawing plans here. But Stephen has killed everything here. We're going to had a little patio of sorts right next to the house and we're going to add some drought-resistant plants. We are going to choose our materials sometime over the next two weeks and start digging and leveling this week. Stephen has been such a good sport about it too!

So, yes, we've been a little busy. I even got to have a girl's night! Franny came in from out of town and we all went out. First to a karaoke bar, then to a bar where this hilarious band was playing. Amy was there too, but she took the picture...

Jackie, me, and Franny... slightly incriminating.

We had a really good time. Stephen got a guys night out the following night. It was a really good break that I really needed. Staying inside with sick and cranky kids has had me on edge lately.

And I don't think I ever shared, but here's the birthday outfit that I made for Mila.

Not too bad for my first sewing project of the clothes variety. And lastly, but not least, one of the adorable dresses that my grandma made for Mila.

I promise I love Ian too, but he never lets me take any pictures of him! I'm trying my best! Maybe since he's done being sick *hopefully* he'll let me snap some shots.

Oh, I'm researching sleep machines for Miss Mila. Does anyone know of any that are loud? And I just want white noise, she seems to do best with that. She has a little travel one that is sketchy at best and turns off before she falls asleep, if it even wants to turn on, and my kindle isn't loud enough for me to just download a sound.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Mila is 1

Mila's party was so much fun! I had a lot of help too though.

More to come.