Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Think back a decade, do you remember what your first cellphone was? Was it as cool as Zack Morris’s phone?
I do remember my first phone! It was a Motorola. It was a pimpin' phone.. to me. It was my dad's hand-me-down from work. It was a flip phone.
2. What is the first children’s book you remember being read to you? I don't actually remember. I do know that I was reading in Kindergarten. This is one of those questions that I'll have to ask my mom about and then get back to you. I've always been a huge Dr. Seuss fan though, love, love, love, love, love. Now, if you ask my what songs my sang me... I'll remember those.
3. What was your first car? Did you love it or hate it? 
A white Toyota Corolla. I LOVED IT! It was my baby. I was sad to see it go. Of course, it was a hand-me-down from Aaron. So, I had to take the ridiculous stickers off.
4. Who was your hero growing up?
All of the projects and things I wrote always referred to my mom or my dad as my hero for various reasons. I love family. It was always important to me and my parents were/are a big part of my family.
5. Think back to your first kiss. Was it everything you dreamed of?
It was terrible. :)
6.  What was your first BAD hairstyle choice? (Extra points for embarrassing photos)
I looked like a little boy in some of elementary school. I don't have any pictures on this computer. IDEA! New Back in Time days in a month where I show pictures and reflect back. I'll get back to this later.
7. What was your first realistic dream? (One where you had to think “Oh dang, was that a dream?”)
This was an absolutely terrible dream. Let's not talk about it.
8. What was the first phobia you remember developing?
Well, the only one that I can think of is the one that I have now. Ian choking. It's seriously ridiculous and interferes with my life dramatically. I can't watch him eat without my adrenaline kicking in. I'm sure my blood pressure rises and I'm definitely on edge. And yes, this happens every single meal and snack time. Come to think of it, I should probably talk to someone about this. I even make him spit out big bites. And now, he knows how to make the choking sound and he does it sometimes. I live with high anxiety these days.
9. Which character on Sesame Street do you most identify with?
I have no clue. Dracula?
10. What was the hardest goal you ever accomplished? 
36 hours of natural labor?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Hello Readers!

It was such a beautiful weekend. We decided to go to Eeyore's Birthday Party this weekend, but then decided not to. Instead, we took Ian to Amy's Ice Cream and a really pretty park.

I should warn you... PICTURE HEAVY!!

(Ian eating Grandpa & his ice cream)

(Our table top)

(The delicious looking sign)

(Ian always looks so focused)

(Ian is ready to go hiking)

(Ian & Grandma)

(Ian walking on th trail like a big boy)

(I have no idea what they are looking at, but it looks really interesting)

(Wait... What's that?!)

(Pretty Bird!!)

And that pretty much sums up or weekend getaway. Until next time, blog out!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding Fun Fact #3

You've been waiting for this post... right?

That's the groom's cake. It was so tasty! (Or at least what I remember of it. Come to think of it, I don't think I tasted it. But, it LOOKS good, right?)

There isn't really a fun fact about this cake. My mom found it. It looked outstanding. And I'm sure it tasted the same way.

Got to go! Busy day today!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ian's First Hair Cut!!

WARNING! Slightly picture heavy...

Stephen took part of the day off of work so we could go get Ian's haircut. Me and Ian passed the time by jamming to some music...

And maybe even some more music...

Then we decided to go wait outside...

Any day now daddy!

Finally! We walk like a big boy to the hair salon...

And there are trains to play with!

Ian focuses really hard when he's playing.

Now, time for the cut!!

He sat in my lap, so I wasn't able to take any pictures. But, we did get a video of the whole shebang!

Here is the before and after:

And of course, Ian wanted to play in the car after he was finished.

What a handsome little boy! We were going to get him a full on mohawk, but my mom was terrified that his ears would look huge. So, we opted for a faux hawk. He looks like a little boy again! Not to mention, a freaking stud muffin.

Blog out!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ok! One blog post, then I'll be off the computer for the rest of the day! I have class today that I need to prepare for...

Don't forget to go to Chelsea's blog and read everyone else's Ten on Tuesday.

1.  What two cities should be moved closer together?
Austin and Fort Worth. I know, a random request. But Stephen's best friend lives there and he wants to go visit him. I've been dreading getting onto 35 and staying there until the destination. That's worse than the Houston drive!

Seriously though? Austin and the entire state of California. I love California. I want to go to there.

2. What was the first plane ride you took?
Technically, Ellington Field to Houston International on one of those teeny tiny planes. Then, it was to Canada. And I love Canada too! I missed out on my 5th grade field trip to Washington DC because I was afraid to fly. It's still not my favorite thing, but I do it on occasion.

3. What continent would you most like to visit? Africa or Europe.

4. What’s your favorite place to window-shop?
Everywhere! Even Target. If I go there to get something specific, I still have to shop around. Oh, and Fry's, but I like buying there even more so. And my new favorite place? Precision Camera. I am in love.

5. What’s the least fun you’ve ever had at a place specifically tailored for fun?
This is a hard one. My wedding? Lol. JUST KIDDING. Chelsea wrote about her migraine here, so it reminded me that I was starting to get one at my wedding! UGH! I can't really remember somewhere I was supposed to have fun and didn't. I really like to have a good time if I am supposed to.

6.  You’re stuck on an island with plenty of food, a companion, and a relatively stress-free lifestyle. What do you say when the rescue ship comes? 
If I love it (and I have my family here), I'd stay. Or ask for a satellite so I can still communicate with the outside world, on occasion.

7. Which day of the week do you look forward to most? Saturdays and Sundays. I love being at home with both of my boys! Or even if we leave, I just love having their company.

8. What’s your favorite place to enjoy the great outdoors? 
The greenbelt. The lake. The park. Anywhere in Austin. :)

9. What’s on your “to do” list this summer? 
Changing up Ian's room a whole lot and making it more of a playroom/office or workout area. We haven't decided yet. But, it will be changed.

10. Which natural disaster freaks you out the most?
All of them. I'm such a worrier. :(

And just to leave you with a nice smile on your face...

Blog out!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Ian and I have been having so much fun lately! I had to leave him for over 24 hours to photograph a wedding in Houston (you can check it out at the Photography Blog). I wanted to cry, but alas, I resisted. And then yesterday, we went on another photoshoot to try and find places to take pictures. First stop?

Have you ever been to this place? It was completely fabulous. I can't believe I've never heard of it! There were peacocks EVERYWHERE!

And you could get pretty close to them. But sometimes, they'd yell at you. I had no idea they made those kinds of sounds.

Beautiful, right? Franny came along with us for the shoot. And her and Ian enjoyed looking at the fish.

It was a good time. I'm glad that Franny came along to help me out. Ian was running around that place like a crazy person. I'll, hopefully, make a post on the Photography Blog soon with the sessions pictures. Ian did try and rock it pretty hard too.

As you can guess, Ian has been amazing me daily, as usual. And he's so stinking cute! Especially when he Baaaaa's like a sheep. He's so serious about it. And tries so hard. It's hilarious.

I'll be (trying) to participate in the 10 on Tuesday, so check back for an update! And I really need to update the 101 in 1001, I'm falling behind.

Blog out!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ian is So Old!

This morning, my little baby turned into a big boy. But, we'll get to that later. The other week, I thought I had the happiest moment as a mother. Do any of you watch How I Met Your Mother? If so, you know that episode where they sing the bang song? Well, here's a refresher:

The episode was playing when they started singing that song. Ian throws up his pointer finger and starts singing "B, b, b, b, b." I didn't think motherhood could get any better than that. It was/is hilarious. I love it. No, I don't have a picture. I haven't been playing much. It's been all business lately. But really, how hilarious is that? Very. I know!

Just when you think it can't get any better, it does. Daily. For example, Ian was eating popcorn yesterday. And every bit he'd say "mmm... tasty!"

I'll up that one with today! Ian was helping me with breakfast and coffee. He woke up before me this morning. I'm pouring spoons of coffee into the coffeemaker and I say "one..." and with every other scoop Ian says "two.... three... four..." OH MY GOODNESS! Ian counted to four!! That's not something that happens daily. And it was incredible. I was so excited.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post today. But, I'll try to really soon! You're lucky you're getting a blog! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blessing in disguise

Getting to hang out with my little man today. My car is in the shop, and until it is out, I won't be able to make it to work. I have loved staying home with Ian today! He's so much more fun to be with now that he sleeps. And, I'm sure I am too now that I'm getting more than 3 hours of sleep a night. My car breaking down seems to be a blessing in disguise.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy Goggles

This weekend we went to the farm for Easter. I LOVE EASTER! It was lots of fun. Ian had a blast. He skipped his nap, minus about 5 minutes and Ian and I crashed when we got home around 6. I woke up at 4... Ian slept until 6. What a weird sleep schedule.

I uploaded all of the Easter pictures on Facebook, so you can check them out there. But, I'm posting a few here as well.

Ian loves the outdoors. I am grateful for that because Stephen and I love the outdoors as well. (Typing this made me realize how long it's been since we went on a family hike. Next weekend for sure).

I played with Photoshop for this one. But it was cute. Oh, and a special thanks to my mom for getting Ian's Easter outfit. Doesn't he look like a stud muffin?

Ian is so sociable. I think he played with EVERYONE there. He even enjoyed some time with his great grandpa.

Ian is great at fighting his naps. He never actually fell asleep, but he was almost there several times.

Ian was a good eater. Stephen's opening some yogurt for him here. And he's eagerly awaiting it.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, Ian slept through the night every single day this week. It has been so wonderful! He even took a 3 hour nap for Franny. I think that maybe, just maybe, he's growing.

Have a beautiful day and wonderful week!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Surprise!

I had to post today, because something hilarious happened.  Stephen is a sucker for animals.  I swear, they can smell it on him.  "This guy is going to pet me and love me."  Anyways, there is this black cat that is always coming in to our apartment.  Stephen swears that he doesn't feed it, but it is always coming in here.  (We leave our back door open on pretty days, and there have been lots of pretty days lately).

Every time the cat comes inside, Stephen closes Ian's door because he's scared that the cat will eat the fish.  I always just laugh at him.  He's being dumb... right?

Fast forward to today.  The cat comes in, as usual.  And I refuse to close Ian's door because there's no point.  Well,

This is seconds before the cats gets even closer... because it is possible and was actually clawing at the glass.

At this point, I thought it was pretty funny.  Then it jumped up onto the tank at which pointed I did my wifely duty and called Stephen into the room to get this strange cat that was about to eat his fish because I don't touch strange cats.

I thought you people would enjoy that. It was a funny.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Fun Fact #2

Today I will do my best effort to write a fun wedding fact on this Thursday. Today is in fact April Fool's day, but there will be none of that in this post.

We tried really hard to make choices in our wedding that saved us some money. In effort to reach that goal, we purchased our flowers from the best place on earth: Cost Co. They did an amazing job. I ordered them months in advance. And despite the fact that it was Valentine's Day, they didn't up the cost one penny. It was glorious. Don't believe me? Here's a picture of our wonderful flowers!

Photo by I-han Huang & Gloria Hwang

Beautiful, right? And, the sent me an e-mail after I ordered them and let me make substitutions. Not only that, but they called me the day they were delivered, twice, to make sure I was happy and knew how to take care of them. Best customer service ever. I highly recommend ordering from Cost Co! Plus, those flowers were outrageously beautiful!

Blog Out.