Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am taking a break from studying at Starbucks... just a few minutes. I miss my little man. He's getting to spend a day with grandma and grandpa at the park. I hope that they are having fun. I hear that they are going to get some frozen yogurt! It's a new place. I love my parent's location. They are so close to EVERYTHING. I mean, we're close to tons of things too, but we don't really have a park like they do. We do have an open field. I should start taking Ian there more often to practice soccer, so he'll one day be a super star player. Hopefully they took pictures so that I can post them tomorrow. That would be wonderful.

Next week is Stephen's birthday. This coming weekend is Stephen's mom's birthday and my little cousin's birthday! I love how both Janet and I have kids within a week of our own birthdays, what are the chances?

Anyways, back to studying. I'll post again tomorrow and try to keep up with it. Hopefully within this month, mine and Deana's blog will be up. Then hopefully, the month after that, we'll have our official site up and running. Stay tuned for more information on that.

P.S. Tomorrow, I will be making my name change official! I'm so excited. Funny story, I saw that our marriage license came in the mail on Friday. And I was super excited! I ran an tore it open, also ripping our marriage license. It wasn't too bad and I taped it back together. Lesson? Relax when opening mail. I'm sure it can wait a few seconds. I hadn't even had my marriage license for one second and I destroyed it. I may have been slightly rambunctious.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Remembrance & Celebration

I haven't posted a blog today. And it's because I didn't know what to say. I've been wanting to write a blog about Dee Wright, but I just didn't know what to say.

You can click the image to  go read the blog. Her son, Dallas, is writing nearly daily updates. Today, he asked that everyone share their stories about his mom: "how you met her, how she changed your life, who she was to you, no matter how long or short. We just want to know what she did to put a smile on your face because she always had one on hers." It was after reading that, it hit me. I mean really hit me. During work today, I thought about what I would say. Truth is, I came up with nothing. I decided to just write spur of the moment. So here it goes...

How I met Dee Wright

In high school, I dated her son Dallas. But, that's not how I met Dee. I met her right before that. Around Christmas dance, sophomore year. I remember thinking that this woman was extremely bubbly and loving. I immediately felt comfortable around her. Throughout the next few years, she also became a friend of my family.

How Dee  Changed My Life

Well, she taught me lots of things, but mostly, just to be happy. Dee always, except for maybe once, has had a smile on her face. Not only that, she constantly has big plans on her agenda. If she felt injustice, or that someone wasn't treated right, she definitely wasn't afraid to stand her ground and fight for things. She has a very welcoming and kind spirit. She always opens her home and heart in a time of need... or really just for anything.

Her enthusiastic attitude and contagious smiles will be remembered and missed.

Please, keep this wonderful family in your thoughts.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Wedding Fact #1

Thursday's will make their best efforts to be about Fun Wedding Facts about my wedding. Even if they aren't that fun.
I wasn't prepared at all a day in advance of the wedding. Groomsmen, Robe, and I stayed up until 2 am printing them because BOTH of my printers wigged out on me. Apparently, two printers aren't enough. I'm pretty sure Robe was falling asleep between each set of print outs. We did 10 at a time. We had to wait and let the printer cool off. It was fun. It was interesting. Next time? There won't be a next time! But, if I'm ever helping a bride out, I'll help out by doing these a week or two in advance FOR her.

I'll try and post a picture of it next week... along with FWF #2.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Done Playing...

Just wanted to let everyone know, I'm done playing with my site. It'll be like this for a while now. I just wanted to get to know the html a little better and get more comfortable with it. Sorry for the daily changes! Do you like my new sig??


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Rocky Road; Cherry Garcia; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; it really depends on my mood.

2. What is your earliest memory?
Dear, I don't know? I think it's of me sitting in a car seat during a really long car trip to Florida.

3. What is your earliest memory of a dessert?
Rokcy Road Ice Cream with my grandpa. :)

4. Do you have any recurring dreams?
Nope. I used to though. Now, I cannot remember.

5. Have you ever dreamed about dessert?
Not that I can remember, but I'm sure I have.

6. What is one thing (aside from a cell phone or computer) that you cannot go the entire day without?

7. What is one dessert you could go your entire life without ever having again?
Umm... lots! Pie.

8. If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go? (Assume someone else is footing the bill, but within reason…so “the moon” won’t work)
Eqypt! Stephen loved it, I wanna see! Can we also nix the airplane ride? Just teleport me there.

9. If you could have any dessert tomorrow, what would you have (assume someone else is buying it for you. Within reason though, no “gold sprinkled ice cream cones.”)
Peach cobbler... mmmm... I'm craving that right now.

10. What was your first impression of your significant other? If you’re single, what was your first impression of your best friend?
What a freakin' cutie! AND, wow! He's the nicest dude ever.

11. What is your first impression of dessert pizza? (Personally, I think it’s weird. I love dessert but I don’t want any on my pizza.)
Gross. But, I don't like pizza. Then, I ate it and thought "there should only be dessert type pizzas."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy Goggles

As promised, a mommy goggles post! It's too bad that I can't seem to remember what I had planned on posting about. Oops. Regardless, Ian is totally into dancing lately. He does it all the time. He doesn't even need music anymore. Sometimes, it's good enough for daddy to sing the music.

As many of my readers know, Ian has to be the center of my attention 24 hours a day. It's getting interesting to see how I accomplish things in home. But, since Ian is an artist now, my job is about a million times easier, I just have to do my school work at a child's table:

Ian's feet don't touch the ground. But trust me, it's absolutely, ridiculously, tiny. But, he's okay if we're both doing our homework at the same time, so I'm sort of forced to do it this way. A happy baby is an awesome baby!

Goodness, how'd I forget this?! Stephen loves animals. If it were up to him we'd have a trillion cats. He'd be the cat lady. How is this about Ian? Well, I think Ian is adopting this wonderful trait from his father. Any time he sees a dog he goes up to its face, points, and says "dog." Then, he'll just follow it around. Poor dogs. In any event, there are these two super annoying cats that moved into the complex. The black cat actually jumps into cars and is always trying to get into the apartment. I am always pretty mean to it because I didn't want it around Ian. So, what did Stephen do? Wait, words can't describe this...

{For all you wondering, this is our apartment}

Stephen can add "Letting stray cats into my home" on his list of corky things. Ian followed it around the whole time. It was an interesting experience. Needless to say, the cat comes into our home now, as if it were it's own. And also, I don't think it's really a stray cat, it has a collar with phone numbers and everyone on it.

I did a shoot with Ian this weekend.

{Brings smiles}

"UP DADDA!" Ian is so bossy. This is a very common look in this household.

{My heart melts with this one}

And obviously, I've already printed it and have it framed. He's just very, very, very good looking. All we need is a blue steel look and viola! That's all I'm sharing for now. You can see them on Book-Face or I e-mailed them to some people.

Now, I'm off to drink some much needed coffee. Will someone please text me around 6 o'clock tonight and remind me to buy some coffee, I'm out... and tomorrow will not be a pretty day unless I get it.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Post

This weekend I took some time to take a few pictures. Deana and I are thinking about starting a photography company (if we can ever think of a name). So, in the mean time, we are trying to create a portfolio. If you want some pictures, e-mail me!

Here are a few pictures of my little brother and his friend, Mike. This was a senior session. Light was bad, but we made it through. We'll be doing another one with girlfriend too.

{Mom & Deana's favorite}

{I like Mike's awkward expression, and obviously, the tree}

{Mike looks like a super model here, hair blowing and all}

{My friend, Kevin, noticed your tattoo.. not in this picture}

{Some awesome boys}

{Mike was talking through all of the pictures}

All in all, it was an okay shoot. I need a way to try and make them more comfortable. Maybe I'll give them some alcohol? Just kidding mom!

You have to wait until tomorrow to see the ones of Ian.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Show N Tell

I couldn't wait until Monday to do a blog on Ian. It's been so long! And seriously, he's changed so much in so many ways. It's ridiculous. And amazing. He's such a toddler. As we speak, we're reading a book. It's the Itsy Bitsy Spider book that Aunt Lisa gave us. As we read it, there are little popups throughout the book. Ian always acts shocked and goes "AHH!!" and then he opens the little popups and reveals what's underneath. We read the book about 100 times a day. I'm not sure how it's still so shocking. I'll have to get a video of him doing it. It's hilarious. I laugh a lot throughout my day.

Ian is about 15 months old now. He did have his check up. No, he is not 20 pounds yet. But, he is getting really close to being back on the charts now. And yes, his head is still in the 75th percentile. It's ridiculous. He has a huge head (in comparison to his body). Despite how much he eats, I swear, he's getting skinnier. His pants are the right length now though, which is cool. But, they always fall down. Even over his diaper. I don't really have this particular problem, personally. I may just buy some clothes pins and pin them up! I have no idea what I'm going to do yet. Or, I'll just let him wear his suspenders with every single outfit. That plan sounds like a winner.

In other news, not only has Ian's vocabulary grown tremendously, but he has crossed that barrier between single word usage, to two word sentences. There are only two that I've heard: "hot water" and "me bubba." It's cute. He'll point to Stephen and say "dadda" then me and say "mamma" then he'll point to himself and say "bubba." I don't know where he learns these things. He's hysterical. He even reads to me. Like right now, he's reading Itsy Bitsy Spider. He basically turns the pages, points to the pictures, does the popups, and spouts nonsensical words at me.

That is all of your Ian fill for the day. I have to save something for Monday, right? But, I will leave you with a wonderful picture. This picture describes one of Ian's most favorite things to do lately. And it also makes me super happy and smile every single time I see it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I promised that after the wedding I'd post more. And not only that, I'd tell you more about the wedding and the details. Well, all of that will come. I am going to wait until I see more wedding pictures, because I have no idea what I will have in the way of pictures. I have gotten two for a preview and I love them. ;)

Our apartment is stuffed full of things. And it's an absolute disaster. I always lose things. Today, Stephen kept asking me where his keys were and I had no idea, I couldn't find them. Five minutes later:  I find them in my hands. This is frequent for me. I am alway loosing things and misplacing things. It was never this bad though. It happens at least five times a day. I blame it on motherhood. I haven't been able to find my keys since before the wedding. Oops. Hopefully they turn up soon.

Anyways, the apartment is full of things. I haven't written a single thank you card. But, there is a reason for that. I have a cute idea for thank you cards, and I need some time to make it become a reality. I'll tell you about that later too.

Despite what everyone has told me, being a wife does feel different. Which, I wasn't expecting. We've lived together for almost 3 years now and we have a child together. I figured the only difference would be the rings on our fingers (and the fact that he would have to try a lot harder to leave me now... mwhahaha). But alas, I do feel a little different. I'm going to change my name. Yes. But, that's not it. It's really hard to explain it. Something is definitely different here people, seriously.

Sorry this blog is all jumbled. I'll  get back into writting in my old style soon. Give me some time to settle in.




Please excuse the funky looking page. I'm getting to know some HTML elements. Hopefully, one day soon, I'll have a new awesome blog up!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. If you could open any type of store/place of business (money is no obstacle), what would you open?
Photography business or a fully accredited child care facility for people  with a low SES.

2. If all jobs paid equally, what occupation would you want? Why?
What I'm doing now, work in early child care. But, I'd probably be in a more administrative position.

3. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you pick? Why?
A monkey. I'm scared of heights, but I'm sure I wouldn't be then. :)

4. If offered one “service” free of charge, which would you choose? (chauffeur, maid, personal shopper, chef, etc.)
Personal assistant.

5. What is one habit, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break?
Biting the insides of my cheeks!!

6. What is one thing that no matter how many you own, you still love to buy all the time?
SHOES! Obviously, ask Stephen.

7. Out of all the game shows (past and present), which would you want to be a participant on and play?
I have no clue. I never watch game shows. Maybe, Wheel of Fortune!

8. If you could play the lead role in any movie that’s already been made, which movie would you pick?
Clueless. Only because of her awesome clothes-picking program. Make me one?

9. Name 5 things on your bucket list (things you want to do before you die).
I don't have a bucket list! But, 1)Travel out-of-state with Ian and Stephen; 2) own a home; 3) do a pull up; 4) start a business; and 5) be one of those adorably cute old couples with Stephen.

10. Which one of your birthdays was the best? What did you do that day?
I have so many good birthdays! My dad took me to Prague (18), I had a week old baby (22), etc etc 


Here is an example of how busy I have been lately:

For the past two weeks, I have been unable to receive text messages from Stephen, only Stephen. Around that time, I said "Ian probably blocked you or something. I'll look into it." Today, I took two minutes and unblocked Stephen. I can now receive texts from him. It took me 2 minutes. For the past two weeks, I haven't even had two minutes to spare. Ridiculous. I can now receive text messages from Stephen again. Life is good.

Later tonight, I will post my Ten on Tuesday. But, you have to wait. In the mean time, visit Roots and Rings, do your Ten on Tuesday, and congratulate the new mom!

Mrs. Bendig

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mrs. Bendig

I am now able to post from my new e-mail. So, here is my first post as Amanda Bendig! It feels awesome. I will try and post more now that I don't have wedding planning to do, but I'm still a super busy woman. Especially since I will be playing catch up. Keep your eyes open for updates.

First thing is first though: I need to catch up on school work, then update my new reader... THEN I can blog!

Until next time...

Mrs. Bendig