Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a really fun Christmas. After Santa came, we had a lot of my mom's family over and my inlaws. I think it was a success! I didn't take many pictures at all (hosting and having kids). But I got a few the next day. And this picture just may be my favorite. Ian playing with his gift from Namaw and Papaw...

I remember Christmas, it was so awesome when I was younger. And, I still enjoyed it this year. It was nice to stay up late with Stephen, watch a Christmas movie, wrap, wait in anticipation of our kids the next morning. I must say, Stephen and I were up before the kids, they  kind of slept in. My parent's watched them until pretty late, so it doesn't surprise me.

P.S. Mila likes the train table too...


Friday, December 23, 2011

Where are the kids at?

Yesterday I wrote out this huge, long post on my phone and I didn't save it. And when I hit publish, it didn't work. Sigh, let's see if I can remember everything.

There we are at the doctor's office. Ian is wearing his hand-me-up doctor's shirt for the occasion, he has a really big personality and opinion lately. Not pictured are his house shoes, both Thomas and Cars, that he just had to wear to the doctor. And yup, ear infection. He's on antibiotics until the day after Christmas. And, I should probably mention, boy has gained 3 pounds since last month. That, and he keeps complaining about the bones hurting in his legs. I'm thinking we may see a growth spurt soon, that would be exciting, because I don't think he's really had one!

Mila is pretty mobile now and loves playing with Ian. She tries to do everything that he does. That's them at a local bounce house. They have different sections for those who are really young, so I like it a lot. But, Ian won't stay over there. He is all over the place, it gives me a few minor heart attacks, but seems to run him ragged. Fair exchange? Probably not, but beggars can't be choosers.

 Mila is sitting in this picture, but I swear that she is a full time walker now. She'll crawl if she has to get somewhere really quick, but that's about it. She's also picked up a few adorable things. She's still waving "hi" and "bye" but I love hearing her say it too. It's hilarious! Recently, she started picking up any object that could possibly be a phone and holding it up to her ear and saying "hello." Does that mean that I'm on the phone a lot? She's just picking things up left and right and I'm a little more sad about it this time around. I feel like she's no longer a baby anymore. And all she wants to do is play with her big brother, or just his toys. If he is playing with his trains and leaves the room, she hightails it over there and plays as hard as she can until he gets back. It's really entertaining to watch. I've noticed that if he shoves her, she goes in for a bite.... at least she can hold her own.

A while ago, Ian had 2 bruises on his ear and we couldn't figure it out for the life of us. We asked him what it was from and he said "Mila!" Which, made since, because that was the same distance as her vampire teeth. Ian needs to be nice to his little sister, she is one tough cookie.

There's Ian, the heart melter. Lately, he asks me things like "do you want my heart mom?" And then he'll proceed to pretend to take his heart out of his chest and give it to me. Then, he'll ask for mine. It's the cutest thing in the world. He does it if I step on a toy and hurt myself too. And if he gets hurt, he asks me for his heart back and for my heart too. Lol. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff, but it is so stinking cute!

He is really coming into his own as a big brother too. More times than not, he knows that he has to trade a toy for his toy back and that she longer wants the dumb toys. He'll play chase with there where they crawl around the house and they both belly laugh. He even wakes up in the morning and immediately asks for Mila now too.

These two can be pretty stressful, but they always do something that makes up for it... like being crazy amounts of cute!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Blog

I have been crazy busy, or so I thought.
Here is my happy girl walking. Today, I had to double take as she was walking right by me down the hallway with no destination in sight.