Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Here is the 10 on Tuesday. Go check out others on Chelsea's blog!!

1. Pretend it’s Monday morning–take us through a day in the life of you.
Wake up around 6, watch the news, write the blog, drink some water or juice. Be greeted by Ian when he awakes. I get a nice hug then I'm told to make breakfast. Eat while watching Word World because apparently, it's the only show that Ian will watch.

Then we play, maybe even outside before it's a million degrees outside. Give Ian 100 snacks as he asks for them. Do dishes, clean, rest my back that is in pain. Have lunch, try and get Ian to take a nap. Give up after an hour if he hasn't fallen asleep yet.

Let Ian shower, get ready for work, make my work snack. Head to work. Work. Come home. See my loves. Fall asleep too early, wake up around 1. Stay up until 4 or 5, go back to sleep.

2. What’s your favorite reality tv show?
Um, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny, Psych, and Glee. Also, I can't read, currently, Master Chef.

3. What motto do you live by?
Um... Just do it?

4. If you knew could you try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt?
To fly?

5. What was your first job?
Working at a dry cleaners... bad ass.

6. What is your current job?
After school supervisor/teacher.

7. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name (and you cannot pick the one you already have)?

8. What musical instruments can you play?
I used to play clarinet. Do piano and guitar count if I can only play one song? Oh, and I'm sure the recorder.

9. Is it easier to forgive or forget?

10. What is one food you’d never want to taste again?
Currently, pizza.


Mommy Goggles

I forgot to update yesterday! Oops. Well, here it goes (I'll be doing Ten on Tuesday tonight I think, maybe).


He's been such a rockstar lately! I'm not sure if he can have anymore personality than he already has. He's hilarious, loves to make people laugh. He's outspoken and extremely energetic. He's loving to sing and dance. He's been eating like a champ! That's right, he was 21.7 pounds at his last doctor's visit. Incredible! He's gained two pounds since his 18 month check up, I was very pleased.

He says crazy things like "you're crazy!" He is no longer into giving kisses (unless he's going night night), instead he gives lots and lots of big, long hugs! I love it! He's very into babies now too. Some of his current favorite things: grandpa, Word World, pizza, peanut butter, smoothies, cars, flips, sports, and tons of other foods I could list, but would take up this whole blog.

Today, we go to the dermatologist to get his blood vessel thing removed. I'm super nervous. My mom is going with me in case we have to hold him down, or heaven forbid, he cries and I need therapy. I literally have no idea what it's going to be like. It's a little frightening. Though, he's been keeping his bandaids on, which is amazing. He kept pulling it off, so I took his hands and I talked to him. I told him it was really important that he keep it on and to stop playing with it, etc. And guess what? He left it alone! I think it is just a coincidence.

Besides not wanting to take his nap during the day, he has been doing amazing. In fact, just yesterday he got into the A&D and rubbed it all over his body, even his hair. He actually did a good job and his hair was all slicked forward. He also tells me "no" all the time now, but in a really cute way, so it's very hard to take it personally.

Baby Girl

I thought I'd update you on names that we almost named her before we decide to reveal her name (although, some of you already know it). My number one name was: Ellyn Elizabeth. Stephen hated the name Ellyn and thought it made her an old person. Haha! I really wanted to call her "El."

Next name, Evangeline. Now, this name is still one of our top favorites. We love it. Evangeline has a million nicknames. Besides the cruel fact that her name will be an hour long, we really enjoyed it, but found that we still liked another name even more.

Here was another one of my favorites: Isla. Pronounced EYE-la. I think it goes beautifully with Ian and then they could both have 'I' names (no, they don't). Again, Stephen didn't like it and the name doesn't really mean anything besides island... and that's a little lame.

There was even a time when we wanted to name her Mary Jane. Mary - ode to my mom; Jane - ode to Stephen's mom. However, I couldn't handle the drug association, so we nixed that one. My next thoughts were our mom's middle names... Stephen can't remember his mom's middle name. Yes Janet, you read that right. How ridiculous is that? I think his old man brain is starting to get to him. So again, that idea was voted out.

Now, her name was our top contender for Ian's girl name (no, it's not Eliot). We loved it then and we still love it now. It is in fact in the baby name books, so we did not make it up. That's all I'm giving you. :)

Blog out.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

20 Weeks

Hello Readers!!

I am officially 20 weeks, 1 day today. It has been a good day. Full of kitchen cleaning and cooking. Breakfast tacos for breakfast, baked potato soup for dinner, and some peanut butter and jam cupcakes for dessert and for Stephen to bring to work tomorrow! I would like to say that baked potato soup is my favorite soup and I made it fantastically. I mean, it was/is incredible. And as for the cupcakes... well...

I know right? They do taste as good as they look. Muy tasty. And yes, I have yellow and pink cupcake holders because we're having a girl. With Ian, we took the family out to eat, with this one, we're making cupcakes!

Anyways, I look/feel like I'm 40 weeks pregnant. I'll start with pictures next week... hopefully. The baby is the size of a banana, so she's getting pretty big! We've officially ordered our home study birthing course (we are using a different method besides Bradley this time). We've also toured and registered at the hospital. And I'm sure glad that we did. I'm still confused on how to get places, but Stephen seemed to know where he was going the whole time. I haven't ever been to this hospital, but I think it'll be a good experience.

For those of you who don't know, we are trying to a VBAC with this baby. My doctor is 100% supportive and has the highest VBAC rate at this hospital. I will have to be hooked up to monitors and will have to go to the hospital earlier this time to be monitored. But, I'm okay with that. The hospital is very supportive of moving around and allowing me to get in the shower. I'll also be able to keep the baby in the room with me for hours before they take her away for her bath, which is freaking sweet. Ian was immediately taken from me during the c-section, so this will be a little different. And yes, Stephen will follow new baby wherever she may be going. Regardless, the tour went well and we're excited to birth there. We got to see a baby getting its cleaning with daddy in the room. And cool enough, grandma was seeing her very first grandchild for the first time, it was amazing to see.... I almost cried. I'm pregnant people, I'm allowed to do that.

My recipe made me take double the amount of frosting that I needed, so I'm going to make a cake or something tomorrow to use it, how ridiculous is that?

Blog out.


Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a...


I know, shocking, right? I couldn't say until everyone close knew and Stephen took forever to tell Rafik. So, there you have it. We're incredibily excited. Yes, we have a name. Only a few people know it. We like it a lot though.

Of course, she was being very difficult during the ultrasound. She never moved her hands from her face and her legs were crossed the entire time. We finally were able to get a glimpse and see that she was in fact a girl. From what we could measure/see, she was measuring pretty big, like 1.5 weeks big. Oh well. I'm sure she'll be perfect.

In other news, Ian has a hemangioma. We're taking him to the dermatologist next week to get it removed. It's on his face and he's been messing with it, so it's bleeding now. Fun fact, there is only one pediatric dermatologist in Austin. How ridiculous is that? The wait is several months, which is too long... not to mention insane. Hopefully we can get it taken care of. Though, Ian does look super cute right now because he has a Cars band aid over it... adorable.

Busy week people, sorry. Hopefully we'll share more next week. Very, very busy may even be an understatement.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick Mommy Goggles

Here is a quick post for the day because I'm busy today and really, I don't have enough time to be writing a blog.

Is doing awesome! He has been congested and not sleeping too well. But, I gave him some allergy medicine the other night, and he got a full nights rest, and he's back to his old (not whiny) self! I'm ecstatic! We went to Schlitterbahn yesterday where Ian had a flippin' blast. He even got brave enough toward the end to go down some kiddie slide by himself (as long as one of us was at the end). He was having sooo much fun. It was adorable. A nice lady even gave us some bread so that Ian could feed some turtles that he was gushing over. Needless to say, he was asleep as soon as we left the parking lot. Successful trip!

Ian Sequel
Is 19 weeks, 2 days (in utero). He/She is as long as an heirloom tomato from the top of their head to their bottom. Which, is about six inches, not including the legs! Wowzer! I guess that explains why I'm so big already! We find out the sex this week too! :)

Blog out.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Look

Hi People!

Just as a warning, I'm on my laptop that is missing keys... so you know, I'm probably going to have tons of spelling errors. Also, if you're an email reader or a Google reader, head on over to my blog today! I have a new layout that I'm going to stick with for a while and I'll add bios to the side. Tell me what you think.

Last weekend, the in laws came in town for a visit. We had a really good time and I got a picture of Ian doing his new weird face with hand shakes thing... and Grandado doing it too. (That's what Stephen's dad is trying to get Ian to call him).

How stinking cute is that? Today's blog is super short, I have to get ready for work and all that stuff.

blog out.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Well, this set of 10 on Tuesday is slightly questionable. But, here we go!

1. Where did you go to college?
University of Texas

2. What did you study?
I got my Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences with a concentration in Early Childhood

3. Was college really all that it was cracked up to be?
Eh, it was alright. I really started enjoying my classes once they got more into my field.

4. How far were you from home?
I wasn't. My family followed me. But, I did live in San Antonio while they were still in Houston.

5. Did you have the same roommate all four years?
I had three/fourish/sixish roommates my freshman year and I had roommates for part of my sophomore year, then Stephen became my permanent roommate.

6. Where did you order food from at 2am?
I didn't order, I went to Kirby Lane or Magnolia... I think that's it... Jackie was with me.

7. Did you date in college or were you tied down?
I think I had two boyfriends throughout college... one of them is my current husband. :)

8. Funniest drunk college moment?
Uh, I don't know about funniest. Most fond is when... I 'met' Stephen.

9. Did you make it to class on time?
Always. I was usually early and sat up front. I was one of those.

10. What was your favorite class in college?
Dr. Loving's HDF class and Rhonda Hauser's practicum.

Here's a picture of Stephen and I at a Toadies concert. :) This is back when we had been together for about a month.

Blog out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy Goggles

I'll start off by making a confession, I'm on Stephen's computer. Therefore, I have not uploaded my pictures of Ian from the week. I do, however, have one of him in my inbox. It's from my cell phone. It's from yesterday morning when he slept in a little bit. I'm sure it's from him staying up uber late when the in-laws were here.

He sleeps so peacefully now... with the exception of his random sleep talks, wherein he usually just says my name. He's so cute.

I can't believe he's almost 2 years old! Where have these past two years gone?! It's incredible. I still don't know what I'm going to do for Ian's birthday. I had some ideas, but eh, I don't like them too much anymore. And people, let's be honest, I'll 30 weeks along and into my third trimester. Exhausting! And... another fun fact, mine and Ian's birthday will be in the same week!!! :) How sweet is that?!

That's it for this morning, got to get to cleaning up, just the kitchen. Much more than that and I can no longer walk. Franny is arriving this week! (soon to be followed by Amy!) I'm super excited! See all of those exclamations?!

Blog out.

P.S. I've already lost my phone this morning.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nifty Links

The weekend is coming to an end as we begin to relax and turn off the light to get Ian ready for night night. Recently, I've come across some pretty cool links or gadgets of sorts and thought that I'd share them with you.

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

Yes. You read that right! Sharpie has come to us with a great invention... I think. I haven't tried one yet as they are not yet in stores... I'd have to buy one. I'm really tempted. This is an erasable pen, but way better. It actually erases unlike those old wanna-bes and it becomes permanent after 3 days (according to their blog, users say it's more like 24 hours). How perfect this would have been in college. Or for teachers! I want one so bad! Sharpie is really stepping it up these days.

Experiences or Possessions?

After reading this, I really had to think about it. I slightly disagree with the article because a commenter brought up a good point: I do love the memories of trips with my family when I was younger, however, I also have fond memories of possessions we had. For example, my family had a home theater in our old home. I loved it. I watched movies in there all the time with my parents and family and they were some great memories. And, there are always other memories of eating around the dinner table. Those are also experiences as well as possessions. :)

Happy Couple Habits

I found this very interesting! So did Stephen. I think we only do like 4 of the 10 of them. They are some great ideas and I'm sure we'll try and work some of them into our lives that we don't already do. They seem like healthy ideas in general. And as always, common sense. But, sometimes we need to be reminded of these things when we are just being carried along by life.

Bike Stroller

Found this a while ago and thought it was hilarious... and awesome all at the same time. Love it!

See you tomorrow readers... for the Mommy Goggles update! :)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

18 Weeks

Today marks 18 weeks into the pregnancy. That means baby is about the size (height wise) of a bell pepper or a pickle. About 5.5 inches. How cool is that? He/she can also hear us now. I'm sure they enjoy hearing Ian blow raspberries on my belly every day. I felt lots of movement last night before bed. That was nice. Most I ever felt. I actually slept amazingly last night too. Another wonderful thing.

This morning we are awaiting the arrival of Stephen's parents. Here is a glimpse into Ian's morning: peanut covered waffle, milk (or smoothie),  a book, and TV. He sits in a huge red chair too. It's adorable.

Blog out!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday

Hello Readers!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. In my defense, it's been a busy week... as are all weeks. I must say, it's been a great week.

I wanted to write this post about something that I'm thankful for. Everything (blog wise) that I have been reading this week has been very negative. So, I wanted to try and bring it up a notch. Why complain about so many things when there is so much good going on? I am very thankful for being able to have a job that makes me happy. Happiness in the workplace really effects the way I function before and after work. So, I'm really excited that I finally work somewhere that I enjoy going to, but still enjoy coming home to Stephen and Ian.

Also, I'm thankful for this:

And I know you are too. I'm thankful for several things in this picture. One obvious one being Ian. The second, that's my grandma's chiropractor table. She worked magic. I cannot wait for more sessions.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last week I decided to buy Ian some Toms. After looking around Austin, I couldn't find the Tiny Toms, so I had to order them online. They finally came in yesterday and as soon as we got home, I tried them on Ian. I'll be honest, I didn't think that they were going to fit. They are very narrow. It was a little difficult to put the first one on and I was nervous. But, the second one fit perfectly. Fun fact: one of Ian's feet is more chubby than the other. I have a bigger foot too. :)

Good News: Ian loves them. I took them off last night to get him ready for bed and he brought them back for me and wore them some more. This morning, I gave him breakfast and started doing the dishes. He brought them in the kitchen so I could put them on him. So, he loves them! And that's good. I'm pretty excited that Ian seems to love shoes because I love shoes!!

For those of you who don't know about Toms, you should go check out their website: Toms Shoes. They are a nonprofit. They are behind the One for One movement, for every pair of shoes you buy, they give a pair to a child in need. It's a pretty neat organization. My friend actually interned for them a while ago.

Also, remember days ago when Stephen went to the store to buy me pickles and brought me back flowers too?

They still look beautiful! They make me smile in the morning. I love it.

Blog out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Good morning! I need to write this post before I go pick up the cousin for breakfast this morning. Also note, I'm super excited about today because my grandma is giving me an adjustment and acupuncture because of my back pain. :) Let's hope that it starts to help!

1. Do you have an innie or an outie?
I have an innie.

2. What kind of milkshake do you order?
Chocolate most of the time. I love chocolate.

3. How often do you repeat outfits at work?
Right now? Frequently. I went to get ready for work yesterday and non of my clothes fit. Well, no clean ones. So I am already wearing maternity things.
4. What are your feelings about thank you notes?
I think that they hurt my hand. We should do thank you emails to save the environment a little.

5. Do you like spicy food?
Not a fan. Stephen loves spicy food, I do not. I cannot stand it. Even something with a little bit of spice goes a long way with me.

6. How many toilet paper squares do you use?
Um.... what a weird question. Sadly, I do not know the answer to this question, I don't pay attention. Should I be paying attention? I use just enough.

7. Were you in Girl Scouts?
Yes. For a long time I think. We didn't have meetings for that long I don't think. I don't really remember a lot about it. I was a busy kid in about 100 different activities. I don't think I ever advanced passed brownie, Amy will correct me if I'm wrong.

8. Notebooks/Journals: College ruled? Wide Ruled? No lines? Spiral Bound? Plain front? Decorative?
I like college ruled notebooks, spiral bound, with a decorative front! 

9. Do you snack throughout the day? What do you pack for snacks?
Yes. I just recently went on this huge health kick. Ian and I went to the grocery store and half of my basket was a variety of fruits and vegetables. I'm really determined to be really healthy this pregnancy. And it's giving me a lot more energy. But, I do occasionally have the small, moderate treat for a snack. Like, bite sized Snickers. I usually snack on a piece of fruit or some pretzels.

10. What is your favorite month? Why?
November and December and soon to be January! Ian's birthday (and Thanksgiving), Christmas, and IanSequel's birthday!

Okay. Now to get started on my day! Also, Ian's shoes are supposed to be delivered today! I'm super excited. I WILL take pictures of that and show them to you. Hopefully there as cute in real life and I thought they looked online. (Side note, my parents hate them) But... they are Tom's! Tiny Tom's. And one pair goes to a kid in need, so it's totally worth it.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Goggles

I don't have any new pictures of Ian, but I do have lots to say! I may take some pictures of him later and post them to make some of those people who enjoy pictures happy.

Are you keeping count? My little man is now.... wait for it... 21 months old! He's getting so old! Just think, soon, I'll be having to plan his second birthday party. That's just ridiculous. I can't believe it. I need to make his 2 year check up appointment too.

Ian has been up to a lot lately. He is really into using different inflections now. My favorite is his question words. "Mommy?" "Hi?" It's hilarious. He's so cute.

He's really into generalizing too, which is awesome! (Parents, as a side note, when your kiddos generalize, it's because they're getting smarter. They are able to apply what they know to new things. This also goes for those toddlers that start saying things like "feets." So, when this happens, be excited!) When he's in the shower, he'll stand under it to fill up some of his tupperware and he'll say "rain!" You know that's cute! He's also started to think that maybe there is also a baby in his belly, and not just in mommy's. I didn't realize this, but he'll show Papo his belly and point to it and say "baby." Maybe we should work on that?

Yesterday, my mom and I got this crazy notion that we should take Ian out running errands with us. And, it was a good idea! (for the most part). He's just been so happy lately that it's insane. When we were in Target, he'd keep giving us a huge cheesy smile and he laughs so hard and so much. It's been a real blessing. I don't think I've seen a happier kid. Then, we went to DSW.

Now, in the past, every single time I've taken Ian there, he has gone insane. I mean really, insane. I couldn't figure it out. At first, I thought maybe it was because he loves shoes as much as I do, how awesome would that be? My mom thinks it's the music. When I stop to think about it, it's probably the music, it's probably the awesome mirrors, it's probably the isles and how he can run everywhere and it's like a huge maze.

We held our breath and took him into the store. Everything was fine and dandy until my mom put him down to try on shoes. Ian would try and hide and run from us, just laughing and giggling as loud as he could. Then, he'd stop to dance and run some more. Then, he'd flirt when everyone. Look at himself in the mirrors.... just having a grand ol' time. Needless to say, my mom and I were sweating and exhausted by the time we left. Ian had a great time though. We were sure he was about to pass out so we brought him home to Stephen for a nap and continued on with our day.

Later, I found out that Ian didn't nap, at all. He was asleep by 830 and awake by 630. That's my boy. I don't know how he does it. I need to find out how to channel this energy and then give myself some of it... if you're nice, I'll give you some too.... if you really need it.

Blog out.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

Some things that are going on lately:

  • Ian and I got to eat with Jackie this morning. It was oh so tasty! We went to the brand new Kirby Lane. Then I attempted to get my inspection at Walmart, but my Walmart doesn't do inspections. Then, I went to Pep Boys, their inspector called in sick today. Looks I'll just go tomorrow.
  • My back has been hurting really bad. It's beginning to be a real problem.
  • Stephen has gone to the store for me that last 3 nights, pretty late. Once for pickles, once for an A/C filter because I just could not wait until the morning, and lastly for orange juice last night. I just cannot take my prenatal vitamins unless I have orange juice. He deserves something awesome, I just don't know what it is yet.
  • I bought Ian some Flinstones gummy vitamins to take now. He always asks for more. Please insure that I keep these high up, somewhere locked. On a side note, Uncle Aaron came over last night and ate one too.
  • Speaking of Uncle Aaron: I went to pick up Ian from my parents' after work last night and saw that my mom made crab cakes and fish, so I stayed and ate. Then, I get home and after a while, Aaron and Stephen walk back from the gym. I tell Aaron of this. Aaron goes to my parents' house to eat some delicious food. We work in mysterious ways.
  • Ian also says kiss in Spanish, though instead of "beso" is sounds more like "beba" but you get the point.
  • I can't tell you all why now, but apparently I can't spell.
  • I'll be 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Um, 3 more weeks and this pregnancy is half way over... what?! This one is just flying by! It's incredibly ridiculous.
  • Stephen and I (and maybe Ian, but only a little) watched Kicked Ass the other night. GREAT movie. At first, I had no interest, then my dad told me that the little girl in the movie is Ian's future wife, so of course I had to watch it. I loved it so hard. I told Stephen we're going to train our daughter to do that too. (We don't know if we're having a girl, but I did tell Stephen we aren't stopping having kids until we have at least one boy and one girl, but we'll see). If you don't know what I"m talking about, go get the movie. Side note: It is NOT kid friendly, lots of violence and blood and cursing... just FYI.
That is all for today.

Blog out!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photos with Deana and Family

In Houston this past weekend, I got to snap some pictures of Deana and her family downtown. It was fun, and windy, and hot! But, it went pretty well. I don't have the watermarked versions on this computer, so I'll just put some edited ones up.

Corbin would only really look at me if he was blowing kisses at me, adorable!

Or if I was yelling his name. :)

Overall I think that we got some pretty good shots. I don't have a favorite yet. Sigh.

There are so many more that I like, but I don't want to overload your browser, or email, whichever you get. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait until the next session with them. Deana says that she wants a different theme every time. Yay!

Now, I have to return the item I surprise ordered because I messed up. Oops.

Blog out.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Franny kindly mentioned to me that she doesn't read my Ten on Tuesday because it's too much to read. She simply reads the intro and reads the last part, but none of the questions. :) I'll try and not type so much.

1. What is your current favorite television show?
Um, this is a hard one. Mainly because I am horrible at making choices and how can I pick just one show? I would say that currently Psych may be up there on the list. Stephen and I watch it together and it's hilarious. I must admit that I was super excited about 10 minutes ago when I went to add HIMYM's air date into my Google Calendar and I realized that How I Met Your Mother, Glee, and Modern Family all start on the same week. Can you say exciting?! 

2. Apple juice or orange juice?
Orange juice. Especially now that it makes my baby move. :)

3. It’s Shark Week on Discover Channel. Do you watch? Why or why not?
No. We do not have cable television because I was DVR-ing everything when I should have been studying. It was a terrible addiction. Stephen and I were actually talking about it the other day. We can probably get it back now that I'm not in school anymore, but we have not yet. Do you think I'll be able to control my DVR-ing addiction?

4. What are the non-blog websites that you visit regularly?
Hmm... sometimes I'll visit Stumble Upon. I visit Facebook and my Google reader... and that's pretty much it unless I'm researching something... so Google.com is probably at the top of that line!

5. What is your favorite way to prepare green beans? Asparagus? Potatoes? Carrots?
I am totally obsessed with baked vegetables, so asparagus, potatoes, and carrots in the oven are wondrous. And green beans? Um... in a pan?

6. What is your favorite flower?
A gardenia.

7. How do you feel about handkerchiefs?

8. If you could only shop at 3 stores for the rest of your life, what would they be? (You probably should include a grocery store.)
HEB, Babies R Us, and Target.

9. If you could only use wine for one purpose for the rest of your life, which would you choose? To cook with or to drink?
To drink.

10. What’s your bedtime?
The last two nights, when we put Ian to bed at 830.

I'm not writing anything interesting here in protest of Franny. But I will say, something is out for delivery today and I'm uber excited!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Good late morning readers. We got back late last night from Houston visiting Stephen's parents, sister, and nephews. It was a pretty good, but hot, trip. This post is VERY picture heavy. I've been editing pictures all morning because I did a family session with Deana, my business partner (I'll post those another day), so take notice that I stop giving pictures rounded edges half way through the post... sorry!

For starters, we drove down to Houston at 3am on Saturday. I always want to leave early because Ian is sleeping and after about an hour in the car, he starts crying. Yes, this is better than it used to be, but still not great. I had a nice cup of decaf coffee when we got to Larry and Janet's, but I didn't want to waste a picture on that this blog. Lots of the trip consisted of the following image:

The boys loved playing video games and on occasion, Ian would watch too. For the most part, it was pushing buttons on their controllers while they were playing. Ian also found that the perfect sized bed for him is in fact, Honey's bed.

There were times when he would actually push Honey off the bed so that he could lay on it. And he'd say "night night." Though, he never actually fell asleep on it, he was just in love with it. I told Stephen we should buy Ian a doggy bed and just build a platform for it, it's about the size of a toddler bed, right? Then Janet told me that they make platforms for dog beds, so I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to do.

Oh, let me drop some knowledge on you, I walked into Larry and Janet's room and noticed that Honey's other doggy bed had a blanket and pillow on it, Honey sleeps in style (and comfort).

Then, we would go outside when it wasn't 500 degrees outside, it was nice.

Oh, do you want to know how else I know that Honey is spoiled? Evidence below:

This could be why she sits under you when you eat...

Ian also took to his cousins like crazy. He loved hanging out with them. He was also really good at invading their personal space. I think they're watching a movie here.

Don't let those pictures fool you. These were the ONLY times Ian was just laying down. When the air mattresses were blown up, he would take the jumping on them and doing all sorts of gymnastics. I had to interfere when he started climbing the chair and jumping onto them. He's a little dare devil.

Amy and I took Ian to the beach on Saturday. Ian loves the beach! He was burying us in the mud. :)

Let's see, what else happened? Ian got to chalk outside! He really enjoyed that. After tracing Cole and Kyle we were able to trace Ian (we as in Janet and Lisa). He was getting all of his chalk, moving it to the grass and back and forth... why Ian does these things? I do not know.

Finally, on Sunday before we left, we went to Moody Gardens. It was fun! Stephen loves underwater animals, and so does Ian for the most part. When we got to the penguins, they had a chart so you could see how big you were compared to the penguin. I'm proud to say that Ian is in fact, heavier, than the penguin. :) Well, the one around his height anyways.

Sorry about his short shorts. I had to roll them up because they kept falling down.

And you know, Ian wanted to play in the cage.

And the last picture on today's blog, Ian and Stephen looking at the penguins.

They had Shark Passports and you stamped them with the different sharks you saw as you went through the pyramid, it was pretty neat. As I'm writing this, I realize that Janet probably still has Ian's. I haven't unpacked yet, but I remember giving it to her. Oops. Oh well. I'll get it back I'm sure.

Anyways, that was our trip. We left around 5 to come back and didn't get back to Austin until 9. Ian started crying. We had two stops, one at a Walmart in Columbus where we bought their only portable DVD player and Cars. Stephen rigged it up to the backseat and it was silence (minus the movie's sound and Ian's giggles), the whole way back! It was easy from then on.

Got to go unpack now.

Blog out.