Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just realized today is Ten on Tuesday. Maybe I'll do that from my grandma's laptop here in a bit that I'll be working on if these childrens ever go back to sleep. I did the smart thing and put them both on the couch for a nap. I heard some noise and looked over. Mila and Ian are both sitting up and Ian is holding her hands and talking to her. So much for that plan.

I am playing a lot more cars lately than I thought I ever would. That's exciting! :)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Single Lady

I decided to participate in Show Us your Singles over at Kelly's Korner. My single lady?

Amy! At first, I didn't really know what to write, so I sent a text out to some of our mutual friends to see what they had to say fun, straight forward and honest... in a good way, makes me laugh, independent, loyal, very organized, outgoing, can-do personality, and may more. I could go on and on. I could even tell you a billion stories that back each quality because we've been friends for 20 years. But, I'll save you all of that type.

I will say that she's awesome. She is a college graduate (in 2009) at the very tip top of her class, really, she had the highest GPA and got an award for it. Nobody even know she was up for it, she didn't say a word! She is a manager at a restaurant, and she's pretty damn good at it. She loves it. Oh, she's also 24 and a resent resident of Austin, Tx.

She's going to kill me for posting that picture. That's my kid, not hers. But, she does her aunt duties, and always hangs out with me and the kiddos. Now, let's touch base with her outstanding qualities.

Outgoing - she's always been outgoing, since day 1 of our friendship. She walked right up to me in kindergarten and introduced herself, boastfully, joyfully, outgoing...ly. We've been friends ever since.

Organized - O.M.G. This woman can take a chaotic mess and turn it into organized bliss. It's a gift really. It's amazing. I want her to organize my entire house.

Makes me laugh - yes, this is a quality. And I wouldn't call it 'hilarious.' Mostly because she can make me (and many others) just laugh and enjoy ourselves. When we spend time together, we just laugh and laugh and laugh.... I may not even remember why. But it doesn't matter, we're having fun.

Independent, Loyal, Can-Do, Driven, Confident, Ambitious, Thoughtful, Reliable.... the list goes on and on an on.

Needless to say, this is my, very amazing, single. Date her! Unless you're an a**hole. Then, back off. :)

A Very Committed Friend,

P.S. I must go drink some margaritas and watch How I Met Your Mother, with this very amazing single.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy Goggles

Last night, I was putting Ian to bed. So, we all laid down in bed and watched Love Actually. This is what happened.
Isn't that a-freaking-dorable?! Ian is always holding her hand and cuddling with her. I figure that I should enjoy it as much as possible before all the love runs out. So, I'm doing my best.

Both kiddos are doing awesome. Ian wears underwear all the time, but Stephen still puts him in a diaper for bed time. I'm thinking we will be able to cross that off the list soon. Mila is a little sick at the moment with a upper respiratory infection. But, she's handling it like a trooper. The doctor told me "You're kids are so active! I don't know how you do it, you must drink lots of coffee in the morning." It was nice to see that someone else (besides the people who see these two on a daily basis) understand that these kids are so hyper active... both of them! It's insane. I actually had to hold Mila's arms down during the examination because she was so excited (smiling, waving her arms, trying to grab the stethoscope, etc), so the doctor could examine her. She is hilarious and is already showing a million different faces.
There is another picture that I forgot to post, but both of the kids were laying on their bellies and Ian was trying to show Mila how to scoot. He scooted ahead of Mila and she gave him a total "go to hell" look. Poor thing, though hilarious. :)

Blog out!


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Luckiest

Every morning I wake up and I come out to the living room. I (usually) await for my kids to wake up too.

Every morning, Ian walks out of the room and comes and cuddles with me for a little bit. Usually asking for chocolate milk (his coffee) and a show of sorts. This morning, it's Frog. I always ask him if he slept well, I ask him every morning.
Ian & Mila Morning 2
Lately, he's started asking Mila too. "Lila, sleep well?" Yes, he calls her Lila (leeela), not Mila. And he cuddles with her too.
Ian & Mila Morning
I am, in fact, the luckiest.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Curse Words

Yesterday, I wrote up this long post for this topic and my phone didn't save it or publish it. So after crying for an entire day about it, I am mustering up the patience to write it out all over again.

Please note, on a completely different topic, that Mila is extremely temperamental with a short fuse. She is currently fussing every time Ian walks into her line of sight.

Back to the post, yesterday Ian used a curse word, in pretty good context. My post yesterday explained how bummed I was because oi always use said word and therefore, it had to be my fault. But then, the hubs came ome and we got to talk (and laugh) about it. He then reminded me of something very important, Ian first used this word when we were in the car with Jackie. So despite the fact that it is my favorite adjective and noun when talking to Amy about boys, Jackie was the first over to put it into Ian's head.

What is this descriptive, yet inappropriate word? Well, let me tell you how it went down. We were watching Psych and I said something like "Ew! He kissed her!" (I know, I'm super mature and adult). And Ian responds with "Jackass!"

Um, yes, perhaps he is. I do the only thing any patent would do on this situation and text Stephen, followed by a phone call to my mom, you're supposed to call the grandparents when your child has a first, right?

Luckily, he has only used it a couple of times and it could be a way worse word. But I must go now, Ian is standing in front of Mila and she isn't liking it, probably because he is eating a waffle...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Here is another Ten on Tuesday. Go link up!

1. How do you pronounce the word aunt? Does your pronunciation rhyme with ‘haunt’ or ‘can’t'?
I say Aunt like ant. :)

2. Do most of the people in your life know you blog? Or are you partially or totally anonymous?
I think everyone knows I blog. I don't hide it. But I think it'd be cool to start an anonymous blog. Right? Right.

3. When you grocery shop, do you prefer to bag your own groceries or do you like it when the store bags them for you? Paper, plastic, or reusable bags?
The grocery store bags them. And I mix up all 3! Plastic bags are good for lunches and little trash bags when cleaning things up and throwing things out, paper bags for recycling, and reusable bags, well I feel like I can put more in them and good for the environment.

4. Do you have a green thumb?
Absolutely. Not.

5. If you watch the Food Network, which chef/show host is your favorite?
I do not watch the food network. Sorry for the lame sauce answer.

6. Do you like to take baths? Do you take them very often?
I do not take baths. I take showers. If I were to take a bath, I have to clean the tub, rinse off, then bathe. I'm not neurotic.

7. What color are the walls in your kitchen?
White. My kitchen is all white. It needs some color!

8. Do you prefer to dine outdoors or indoors?
If it is nice outside, we like to eat outside. It's glorious. And at night, we might get a drink and go outside. So I guess, if the weather is nice, outside. Otherwise, inside is good too.

9. Describe your ideal weather.
75 degrees and slightly cloudy, with sun.

10. If you could learn any foreign language, which would you choose to learn?
Part of me wants to say Spanish so that I can speak to my family. But the other part of me wants to say some super old language that not many people know. How cool would that be?


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Oh yeah, on another note. If you have recently subscribed to my feed in Google Reader (I don't know about other readers), and it's showing up as a link instead of Tattles and Tells, the issue has been resolved.... but you do have to unsubscribe and resubscribe. Sorry about the troubles. Hopefully subtle posts will come back, but who knows.

P.S. If you have words with friends, find me! I'm TattleTell. I'm addicted now. :)


Hey there! It's been a while. :) Oops.... again. Aren't you getting tired of hearing that? My babies are more adorable than ever, seriously.

Mila BBQ

Ian Adorable

Is that a good enough fix for now? I've been watching Dexter lately. It's so good! Loves it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Add kitchen sink disposal gets a hole in it and throws up all over underneath the kitchen sink while stephen is at work but thank god franny is here to the list of broken things in our house. Oh... And our ac is going out. Today is an fml day.. Week... Month?

But it is ok. Franny of going to buy ian a toy and we will have fun at swim lessons.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My phone isn't publishing pictures, I think my Picasa account ran out of room, I'll have to check that out. Here's the picture of the RAT we saw! I thought it was a beaver. gross!



Look what we saw on our wall this morning. Apparently it is a gigantic rat of some sort. Gross. Ian liked it though... Of course.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What have we been up to?

A lot. Let's get some bullets going on here.

  • On a really sad note, we had to put down my childhood dog. It was really sad, my mom and I cried the whole time. She was a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador mix and was 15, going on 16 years old. She was falling down when walking, having multiple accidents, not getting over her illnesses, so on and so forth. So, it was time.
  • Ian is in full blown potty training. He's in underwear (Grandma and Grandpa brought him some Thomas ones yesterday that he LOVES). We've been staying in a lot because of that, next, we'll have to get him to go on the potty in public... should be interesting.
  • Mila is doing fantastic. She now covers her eyes when she is trying to sleep and it's adorable.

  • Hanging out in Amy's pool. Mila will go underwater and not cry at all. Ian is still terrified, but swim lessons start next week, so wish me luck!
  • Last night, Stephen, the kids, and I joined Aunt Amy and Jasmine for some Bat fun. We went to see the bats! We thought it was ridiculous that none of us had ever gone before.
  • We help daddy with the yard...
  • And we've had a few bbq's, with only a few incidents...

  • Stephen has installed a new garage door opener because our last one broke. This one is safer anyways. It has the little laser things and all that. And we have a keypad now too, which is nice. It's really quiet too. Which, I both like and don't like.
  • I finally framed the picture of Ian kissing Mila and it says "Love you, from the bottom of my heart" It's really cute.
  • Still trying to decide what I want Cathy to make me over at her Etsy shop. And she's pregnant now, so I feel like I need to place my order soon! I want something that says "the Bendig's"... but that's all I know.
I'm sure that I'm leaving several things off, but we've been busy around here! Sorry that I haven't been updating. I rarely turn my computer on. And my phone app wouldn't upload my last entry.