Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Things that excite us change as we become adults. I have realized this through my relationship with Stephen. Sure, he stills gets excited when he gets his new computer, just as I’m sure a child would. But, when you are younger and your parents get a new washer and dryer, they are super excited. You think that they are insane. Who would ever want a new washer and dryer and actually be excited about it?! I would. Little me would not be, but big me would.


I can to this realization the other day. I was getting our bulk food at Cost Co. I was with my mother and Ian. We walk by this trashcan. Yes, a trashcan. Mind you, this is no normal trashcan by any means. This trashcan has batteries. It has an “open” button and a “close” button. Not only that, but itt has motion sensors. This trashcan senses your arm when you have trash and opens for you! Could this get anymore awesome? Yes, it can. And it does. It is stainless steel AND it is fingerprint resistant. What?! It doesn’t stop there. It comes with a mini one for the bathroom. Of course, I buy it.


I was so excited about it that I would get several things of trash and stand there throwing one parcel away at a time. I would wave my arm over it, throw trash away, and repeat. Stephen was just staring at me like I was insane. I’m not insane. This is an awesome purchase. I’m sure anyone else would have been just as excited over it, minus Stephen.


I wonder when my tastes changed. When did motion sensor trashcans become cool? Were they always cool to me? Eh, I do not know. However, I do know that this is the purchase of the month.


  1. dont worry. you are NOT the only one who gets excited over more "adult" things. I'm actually getting a handgun soon. houston fools....WATCH OUT!

  2. omg when my boyfriend and i got our LG super awesome washer/dryer set i was ecstatic for like a week! i called everyone just to tell them! i didn't even realize my taste in excitement had changed until one of my friends told me I was becoming domestic! lol