Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!!

Well, you read it. Mila is officially 6 months old! I meant to give her whipped cream like we did for Ian's birthday... but I forgot. Oops! I'll do it tomorrow. She won't know the difference ;-)

Here's a recap of this little girl's life:

Still baking, and I thought I still had two weeks left! But, I woke up the next morning, and bam!

This lovely lady made her appearance.

A month later, back in the hospital, for RSV. It was a rough month, with a few more rough months to follow.

She was obviously worn out by it all.

Still pretty as ever.

Mila diagnosed with GERD (severe acid reflux), but we finally got it under control with 2 medicines and a special formula. She is now free to smile all the time! Not just between breaks of screaming fits from pain.

Sitting up and still all smiles. She's in love with her older brother.

At grandadoo's and granny janny's! My kiddos have a knack for sticking their tongues out!

It has been a very fun (and eventful) 6 months and I'm super excited to keep it going! She has such a personality already.

She loves to eat and is becoming rather good at it. If I had to guess, pears are her favorite. I can mix them with any other food and she'll eat it, like carrots. Sweet potatoes are also mighty scrumptious. 

Her brother can make her smile and laugh like nobody else. She's showing signs of crawling. Scooting, mostly backwards, but she has the occasional forward slip-up. Hilariously, when I ask Ian to show her how to crawl, he army crawls like he did when he was a baby... it's so flipping cute.

She also started swim lessons this month, and she's like a fish in the water. She can go underwater, loves splashing, kicking, going after the ducky, and so much more. Swim lessons are fun, for now.

She babbles and babbles like crazy, mostly late at night when it's bedtime and she's trying to stay awake. Amy and I compare it to when we were younger and staying up really, really late. We'd get so tired and delirious that anything and everything was funny and we'd just talk our heads off. That is Mila when it's time to go to bed.

Good night people. I'm going to go read and actually try and fall asleep at a decent hour for a change.

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