Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A couple of days ago I wrote a post entitled "tired" but it was from my kindle fire and I got frustrated with how slow typing was, so that post is no more. But, I have news, I'm still tired. Ha! The kids have been on a new level of crazy lately. Maybe it's the season? Every single day, Ian has gotten into his fish tank. Yes, it has a child safety latch on it, yes, he can undo it. We're looking around for one that's harder to open. Anyways, he puts things in the tank and does other crazy things. Like, gets a cup and gets scoops of water then throws it all over his room. The messy and dirtiness of my house is starting to make me feel like a crazy person (anxious mostly).  I really can't keep up. A scenario, if you will. I went to do the dishes a couple of days ago, I come back 15 minutes later to find Ian, I find this:
That used to be a train table.
I was really upset about it. I walked into his room, saw this, and cried. I know, that seems a little ridiculous. But, this was about day 10 in a row of seeing crazy scenes like this, there were toys in the fish tank, and I just couldn't handle it. The situation showed me that Ian actually is really empathetic. He wanted to make me happy, so he made me come back into his room, which looked like this:
He tried to fix it.
Other than that, the kids are actually really good. Mila is saying "Uh Oh!" all the time now. Ian runs in his first race really soon, hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures.
Mila trying to wake up her brother.
Well, Mila is awake now, so I got to go. Tomorrow is Stephen's birthday though, pretty excited!


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