Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mila's Nursery Update

This post is a long time coming. If you recall, back in December, I posted about Mila's Nursery. A lot has happened since then. A whole lot. I'll try and tell you all of the details in each picture. Basically, this nursery has many details from lots of people. It's a wonderful thing to have, makes it more sentimental. Let's begin shall we?

Let's start with what it looked like when we moved in, here's a picture from the listing:

Now, here's the same, wall, different angle.

Here's her room from the doorway. Notice anything? There is no more giant tree on that wall. We painted 500 coats over it and covered it up. I didn't like it, I wasn't a fan. And my mother filled in the trillion holes that were there as a result (it was the previous owner's tree). That tree was a health hazard, seriously. I would have had to dust it a least twice a day. The pillow and boppy used to be on the rocking chair, I promise. Big Brother doesn't like them on the chair.

Where'd I get it from? Well, the chair was a great buy off of Craigslist. I love it. It's green, it matches her room. It does the job. Love it. Do you see that little tiny bird on the bottom left of the picture? That's a night light from Pottery Barn. Those picture frames on the ground are from Amy, ignore them, they aren't up yet and don't belong in this room.
The nightstand is from Target. The currents are from Pottery Barn outlet thanks to my momma! :)

 The lamp is from Hobby Lobby. I totally lucked out here. The lamp was $50... I think. But, I didn't pay that. There was no price tag on the one that I picked out and the lady at the check out only charged me $10. It was pretty awesome. There's a picture of our family in that frame. And there's a letter M that my mom made. The book? That's Ian's big brother book.

The two pictures on either side of the window... my grandma, the kids' Nana, made them. I love them. They match Mila's quilt (which is currently, not in her room). And I put those random birds all over her walls. But yes, love the artworks. Love.

In the first picture, you saw the art hanging on the side wall. This is another Hobby Lobby purchase. I really do love that place. Then, we put some random stuff on it, including one of her ultrasounds. What a gorgeous girl. :)

Here's the other side of her room. The dresser used to be my dresser and we painted and and aged it. We took the bottom drawers off and I put some baskets. The changing table on top was a hand-me-down from my Aunt Lisa. My Uncle David had built it for their kids.
Rug - Target. Dirty clothes hamper - either Babies R Us or Target... Granny Janny got it for us. The crib - hand-me-down from David and Lisa. Yes, I'm aware that the materess is slanted, that's how we put Mila on it, she can't be flat because of her reflux. So, we put a pillow underneath it to prop it up.
Clock (pictured way above) and the light switch are from Babies R Us and were shower gifts. The sheet is from Pottery Barn. Her comforter (not shown) matches and it gorgeous.
This tree is a sticker, you peel it on and off. It's awesome. Also from Pottery Barn. But, my mom got an uber deal. I think it's usually $169. It was $10 at the Pottery Barn Outlet... incredible. Don't pay $170 for it, I had to reput it on several times. Pain in the ass. For that price, someone should have come over and done it for me. Fan - Lowe's. We're all about Lowe's... not Home Depot. Haha!

I love her room and the colors. Love it!

Well folks, I think that is all. :) There's Mila's room... finally. I think it's the only room in the house that is complete. Is that sad? I'm working on it! It's a little rough with my two crazies and all. Ian's room will be done as soon as Uncle Aaron comes over to do his project.


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