Saturday, May 7, 2011

Swimming Pool

Today, the kids and I went over to our friend Jackie and Julian's house. Mila got to have her first time in the pool. It was awesome. **Warning! Picture heavy!!**

Before I tell you how it went, let me show you the first time her tiny toes hit the water.
I know that I'm laughing, and it's because it was a little funny. Mila screamed. Ian thought it was pretty funny too. Here's a picture of his look during this whole fiasco...
It's his whole "I'm trying really hard not to smile face." Priceless. Thank you Jackie for photo-documenting the whole thing!! Though, after some time, I'll say this, Mila is a lot more comfortable in the water than Ian is. I think she only cried because the water was very cold and it shocked her. Ian is actually scared of the water. Neh, terrified. He cried when I carried him in it too. The life jacket never got wet I don't think... unless he splashed himself.
Eventually, Mila got super comfortable in her environment.. maybe a little bit too comfortable...
Julian had never experienced this phenomena, and was naturally very interested. **Please note, I'm right next to Mila, she's not free floating in the pool, we just thought it'd be funny to scare Stephen a little bit.**
This conversation must be extremely interested. I know what you're all asking yourselves, where's Ian? Oh, I didn't tell you?
He's that spec in the far left distance. He's over at the kiddie pool that he refused to get into... watching.
Him and Julian did have a lot of fun though. They're turning out to be pretty good friends. Ian is a year older and Julian will be beating up lots of people for Ian. We've decided that Julian has already taken some Krav Maga classes and that Ian needs to take some lessons. Ha!
Julian was brave. And if I look a little frightened, it's because I am. He almost face planted in the water 2 seconds before. He suddenly can't distribute his weight when he's in the water, it was hilarious to watch. So Amanda, it's cool that you were at the pool and all, but what do a 2.5 and 1.5 year old do in their regular free time? I thought that you'd never ask.
They play together. They bite each other. Hit. Throw things. Laugh. Cry. Etc. It's a lot of fun. :) Mila finds it amusing...
Now, to continue resting until Mother's Day. The hubs comes home in the afternoon. I'm super excited!! He had me extremely nervous for 2 hours... calling the hotel, the airlines, etc. But, he made it back to the US of A. Can't wait to see his beautiful face.


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