Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Fun Fact #2

Today I will do my best effort to write a fun wedding fact on this Thursday. Today is in fact April Fool's day, but there will be none of that in this post.

We tried really hard to make choices in our wedding that saved us some money. In effort to reach that goal, we purchased our flowers from the best place on earth: Cost Co. They did an amazing job. I ordered them months in advance. And despite the fact that it was Valentine's Day, they didn't up the cost one penny. It was glorious. Don't believe me? Here's a picture of our wonderful flowers!

Photo by I-han Huang & Gloria Hwang

Beautiful, right? And, the sent me an e-mail after I ordered them and let me make substitutions. Not only that, but they called me the day they were delivered, twice, to make sure I was happy and knew how to take care of them. Best customer service ever. I highly recommend ordering from Cost Co! Plus, those flowers were outrageously beautiful!

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