Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy Goggles

This weekend we went to the farm for Easter. I LOVE EASTER! It was lots of fun. Ian had a blast. He skipped his nap, minus about 5 minutes and Ian and I crashed when we got home around 6. I woke up at 4... Ian slept until 6. What a weird sleep schedule.

I uploaded all of the Easter pictures on Facebook, so you can check them out there. But, I'm posting a few here as well.

Ian loves the outdoors. I am grateful for that because Stephen and I love the outdoors as well. (Typing this made me realize how long it's been since we went on a family hike. Next weekend for sure).

I played with Photoshop for this one. But it was cute. Oh, and a special thanks to my mom for getting Ian's Easter outfit. Doesn't he look like a stud muffin?

Ian is so sociable. I think he played with EVERYONE there. He even enjoyed some time with his great grandpa.

Ian is great at fighting his naps. He never actually fell asleep, but he was almost there several times.

Ian was a good eater. Stephen's opening some yogurt for him here. And he's eagerly awaiting it.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, Ian slept through the night every single day this week. It has been so wonderful! He even took a 3 hour nap for Franny. I think that maybe, just maybe, he's growing.

Have a beautiful day and wonderful week!


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