Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy Goggles & Mother's Day!

I should be cleaning, but I'm procrastinating. I'll just give you three updates.

1. My blog is now private. I thought about it, and I'd just rather have it be private. I might change my mind in the future, but for now, you'll have to be logged in to see the blog. Sorry.

2. Mother's Day was incredible. I had some breakfast not in bed. I woke up too early. Stephen and Ian were gone when I woke up. But, they arrived home and I got a vase of roses and a balloon!

Then, I went to the grocery store with my mom. We had a really hard time finding a salon that was open. But, we desperately wanted and manicure and pedicure. FINALLY, we found one around noon and got our nails done. That was nice and relaxing.

Then, I headed to the condo where we met back up with Ian and Stephen and my dad. I actually made cake balls without any assistance from my mom. Yes, you read that right. And they are pretty tasty if I must say so myself. They were carrot cake balls. So tasty! My mom's mom, my aunt, my grandma, and my grandpa all met up at the condo for dinner (and Aaron and Rachel later). It was a wonderfully tasty meal. Lots of gifts and exchanges. It was nice to have so much family there for one meal. I rarely get to see my dad's parents anymore, so that was nice.

The boys all fell asleep at one point before dinner.

How flipping cute!

3. Ian had his 18 month check up this morning! I must say, I think it was a success. He weighed in at 19 pounds, 14 ounces! He's still not on the growth chart in that department, but he increased from last time, so that's awesome! He is 29.5 inches tall. This puts him in at ALMOST touching the bottom line of the growth chart. This was a HUGE increase from last time. The doctor was very pleased in that department.

Verdict: still not on the growth chart, but I can feel it within our grasp!

His head, I forget how many centimeters, but it's in the 75 percentile. No concerns there.

They had to do some sort of Autism checklist. Ian passed it with flying colors. He flirted it up with the doctor the entire time, as usual. He even got a token at the end of the appointment to get a ball. He was pretty enthused.

That is it for today's update! Sorry that I don't have any super cute pictures of Ian today, I mean, I probably do somewhere, but I don't feel like looking. :)

Stay tuned!

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