Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I forgot to do my Ten on Tuesday yesterday. My bad. In my defense, I wasn't home all day, and I was studying for my final that is now over and done with. But alas, no excuses. It will be up next week. My coffee is cold. :(

I have been exploring my camera and it's vast amounts of functions and capabilities. I must say, I'm really pleased. I think the pictures look really good straight out of the camera.

Isn't it a gorgeous picture? It's really vibrant. I must admit, learning my camera is super fun. We're practically best friends these days.

 Not to mention, Ian will have about a million 'black mail' pictures when he's a teenager. Isn't that exciting?

I love this new way of taking pictures! It's so much fun. And, it's allowing me, thus far, to skip photoshop all together. It's glorious. I'm sure I would use minor adjustments if it were for a client or something. But for my vibrant, happy baby, these vibrant, happy pictures are a win for win.

And I know you're wondering, yes, Ian has gotten cuter. It's shocking every single morning. Besides that, school's out for the summer! WOOHOO! It feels great. :)


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