Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be Gone with the Sickness

Ian and I were sick today. So, our loving husband and father stayed home with us to help out. It was good that he did because we got delicious baked potato soup from Central Market. It is my absolute favorite soup. I've been up since 3am being sick. It's only about 7:15 at night now, and here I am getting ready for bed and posting my blog. Ian is running around brushing his teeth (perhaps one of his favorite pastimes). We spent the day watching Cars a million times, eating soup, a few crackers, drinking Sprite (along with the Blue Sky version), and drinking Gatorade. I think we're ready to conquer tomorrow... we should be. Ian will be hanging out with my mom tomorrow.

Right now, it's thundering outside. It looks like rain!! I sure hope so. We've really been needing it lately. It's been so hot too! Poor Ian doesn't like the heat. We may live in the wrong state. Ian will just have to get used to it (me too I guess, I get really cranky when it's hot).

Well, I don't got much else to say tonight. I wish I could have posted a few pictures of Ian, but those are all on the other computer.

That's Ian the month he was born. He had ridiculous expressions since the day he was born. I love them. He's so expressive.

Ian has joined me in th bedroom. It's STORMING outside. :) I think he's scared.

Blog out.

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