Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea World

Today, my mommy goggles post will be about Ian's Sea World trip. My mom, Amy and I took Ian to Sea World and met Amy's friend and her little boy up there. It was really fun.

The drive was pretty good. I drove and my mom rode in back with Ian. Thanks to her handy new cellular device, Ian got to watch Cars when he got tired of riding in the car. So, it was a success. He didn't really get cranky.

And man was it hot! But, it wasn't unbearable. And the shade was nice.

We stopped for a while in the shade while waiting for Amy's friend and watched the skiers. It was pretty fun. And really awesome! I couldn't do all of those maneuvers. I was very impressed. They even made a people pyramid. We were bummed for the ones that fell because nobody came to get them. They had to find their skis and swim out of the way before another boat came by.

This was Ian's face during the entire Shamu shoe. It was hysterical. As soon as the show started he was super serious and concerned. We were pretty far away too, like two rows behind the splash zone. It was intense I guess. He must know that they are called killer whales. And here is one last picture... of shamu.

It was a really fun day. Then, we headed back and showered and went to my parents for dinner with the grandparents. It was a long day. I fell asleep as soon as I got home. The sun really takes a lot of me. I think we're going back to Sea World this week, so I'll update you on that too!

Until next time...

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