Friday, February 25, 2011


Today I arrive to Ian's school to pick him up. There's only 4 in class (all quietly sleeping on the ground) and his teacher comes up to me and says "before you wake him up, I wanted to tell you something about your son."

Oh gosh, we're already having behavior problems?!

She proceeds to tell me about the says events. We'll call his accomplice Emery. I knew that Ian and Emery talked a lot, his teachers have already told me that. And when I was there for the Thanksgiving feast, Emery would follow Ian around and play with him, adorable... really. Anyways, back to the subject. She tells me that they were laying on some playground equipment with their eyes closed and Emery reaches over and grabs Ian's hand. Ian says "NO!" and snatches his hand away.

Emery has her hand above her head resting there and Ian decides to reach over and grab her hand. And there they lay, hand-in-hand, with their eyes closed.

I guess they were just enjoying the beautiful weather today. Though, I'm sure Ian's eyes were closed because he doesn't like bright things, like light and the sun. His teacher said she wished they had a camera so that they could show me a picture. But these two, Emery and Ian, are total BFFs. It's pretty cute.

I will say, isn't two a little early?

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