Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy Goggles

Finally, an official update on my kiddos. I can't remember the last time I gave you one of these posts, so here it is.


He's doing incredible. What can I say? He's really into 'ta-da' these days. He does it after everything he does. It's adorable. He even says it when he knows he shouldn't be doing something. For example:

Climbing to the top of the ladder while daddy is replacing the lights. I love the look on his face when he sees me. He thinks he gets away with so much (which he probably does). He's also head over heels for his baby sister. Which, is proving to be really difficult at the moment because he's not allowed to touch her until they're both done being sick. And well, it's really hard to tell this kid no.

Ian is also a big helper. He helps clean, or at least he tries. He also loves to throw everything away, like his diapers! I don't know what I'd do without his help everyday. He's even been sleeping in his own big boy bed and need I say, he loves it! I really think he enjoys having his own space and his own bed. Ian is even sitting on the potty more and more everyday.

However, there are a few places that he's regressed, well, mainly one. He wants a pacifier now. It's hysterical. He doesn't sleep with it or anything, but when Mila has one, Ian has to get one too. It's funny because we could never get him to take one as a baby, he wanted nothing to do with them.

Next week Ian has his appointment with the endocrinologist. I'll update everyone on how that goes too. I'm pretty nervous about it.

Overall, Ian is a wonderful, incredible big brother and amazing toddler. We have fun all the time.


Do you like the way I set up her bassinet today? She has to stay in there all the time so Ian can't get to her (which I found to be false today). I didn't want her to be bored, so I added the mobile. I had to squish the boppy in there because she's supposed to lay down on an incline. She looked pretty comfortable to me.

If you recall, last week, we spent like this:

Stephen and I were in the hospital, taking turns holding and watching Mila all night, every night while Ian was at grandma and grandpa's. The poor girl:

She was exhausted but a real trooper. She's doing a lot better today and has a check up tomorrow. She's holding her head up like a champ and lifts it and moves it from side to side to look around. And today, she was awake for a while and I actually got to see her eyes!!

Do you see them? Amazing. :)

The kiddos have been amazing, and maybe you'll get another update next week, on mine and Stephen's anniversary!!


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  1. So cute. Ian is still quite a little guy, huh? Lucas has started saying "I don't know". It's darling.

    Mila looks so adorable in her basinette!

    So happy you guys are all doing well!