Friday, February 18, 2011

Rough Go

For those who don't know, we've been having similar issues with Mila as we did with Ian. What issues? Well, for about 5-6 months of Ian's life, he had colic.With Ian, we put it off to gas. We couldn't find anything wrong with him, it was just pure, uncontrollable, unconsulable , screaming... for months. Mila is quickly falling into the same problem. We've tried infant massage, mylicon, gripe water (which seems to make it worse), my diet (I'm down to eating only protein and a few veggies), feeding her upright and slowly, burping frequently, keeping her upright before and after feedings, and letting her sleep elevated. Despite everything we're trying, nothing is working, or even really helping.

I don't think it's gas because she doesn't get fussy when that's happening. However, after extensive research, I think that she may have silent reflux, so we're going to make a doctor's appointment today. She is obviously in severe pain during and after she eats and there is nothing I can do about it. Not only that, but she does this really weird swallowing thing after feeding. Where I believe she's swallowing air and tell her to stop... but you know. I thought she had reflux when we took her to the hospital, but kind of put it off due to the fact that she was sick. And, that's no longer the case and my poor baby is crying more frequently and more severely lately. So much so, that she no longer wants to feed and my milk supply is suffering from it. (How she continues to gain weight is beyond me). I've been pumping and bottle feeding her to see if that helps.

When we had a second kid, we always wondered what the chances of having two colic-y babies was, and we decided slim to none. Apparently, we enjoy making beautiful babies who love to scream. This time, it's a little different. 1. we've been through it before so we kind of know what to expect, so it's easier in that respect. 2. It's more difficult because now there is a two-year-old boy who is being effected. He hates it when she cries and will try and soothe her, go old her hand, give her kisses. He'll try and get me to get her to stop. And he has to hear her cry too, which I'm sure is really stressful for him. I can see it! Not to mention the lack of attention he's getting during the episodes.

Hopefully, the doctor can see us today and I'll try and update everyone on what's going on. But for now, we really have no idea. I've been carrying her in her carrier all day because it seems to help soothe her a lot.

Yes, everyone needs an Ergo carrier. We've bought about 5 carriers and this one is the best by a really long shot. Plus, I can carry Ian or Mila in it because it's also a back carrier. It's comfortable and doesn't hurt my back.

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