Thursday, June 16, 2011

Curse Words

Yesterday, I wrote up this long post for this topic and my phone didn't save it or publish it. So after crying for an entire day about it, I am mustering up the patience to write it out all over again.

Please note, on a completely different topic, that Mila is extremely temperamental with a short fuse. She is currently fussing every time Ian walks into her line of sight.

Back to the post, yesterday Ian used a curse word, in pretty good context. My post yesterday explained how bummed I was because oi always use said word and therefore, it had to be my fault. But then, the hubs came ome and we got to talk (and laugh) about it. He then reminded me of something very important, Ian first used this word when we were in the car with Jackie. So despite the fact that it is my favorite adjective and noun when talking to Amy about boys, Jackie was the first over to put it into Ian's head.

What is this descriptive, yet inappropriate word? Well, let me tell you how it went down. We were watching Psych and I said something like "Ew! He kissed her!" (I know, I'm super mature and adult). And Ian responds with "Jackass!"

Um, yes, perhaps he is. I do the only thing any patent would do on this situation and text Stephen, followed by a phone call to my mom, you're supposed to call the grandparents when your child has a first, right?

Luckily, he has only used it a couple of times and it could be a way worse word. But I must go now, Ian is standing in front of Mila and she isn't liking it, probably because he is eating a waffle...

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