Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I have been made aware, through my mother, that I have not updated in a while. I have not forgotten about the blog. I've been busy. Wait, no... that's an understatement. With business (sentence break - I just realized that busy-ness and business are the same... weird), I'd be able to still take a breath every now and then. I've been a whirl wind. With the few hours of sleep I scrape by with a night, I still have to cram in that lovely 2 minute shower. Oh, the luxuries.

Remember when I said that Ian was sick? Well, 2 doctor's appointments, a multitude of fevers, and endless internet searching later... Ian had the measles. As well as a beautiful ear infection. Oh, and don't let me forget the allergic reaction to Amoxicillin (sp?). Here we are now, with another antibiotic, probiotics, bendaryl, and calimine lotion. MY POOR BABY! I didn't get any pictures. During this whole fiasco, I seem to have forgotten what a camera was. I also don't know what a clean house is. However, I do know what a sick baby is like. Unless you've had the pleasure of hanging out with Ian for an extended period of time, you might not know that he's extremely high maitenence when he is his 'regular' self. Sick Ian is way more work, if that's even possible.

I have amazed myself, I  survived, Ian survived. I was putting Ian to sleep while I was simultaneously walking him, holding him, and breastfeeding him. I'd then continue to do this until I was allowed to sit down and perhaps get some shut eye. God bless my parents and Stephen who would give me the occasional break. But, since Ian wasn't eating food, I was his food. I drank super amounts of water to keep up with an exclusively-breastfeeding one year old! He's back to eating solids now,  his spots are almost completely gone, and my arm muscles are bigger than ever. Not to mention, Ian is now up to 18 pounds!

I am so grateful that this was Ian's first sickness. It was scary though. I'm not going to lie. There was one night where my parents came over to give Stephen and I a break. It was glorious. We still haven't made it to the pumpkin  patch (Ian is supposed to stay away from small children and pregnant women, but I think it's okay now)... and in all this madness, I seem to have lost his wonderful Halloween costume. You'll know what it is soon, cross your fingers that I find it.

Good news is, that with all of this holding Ian and watching Ian time, I've managed to brainstorm an idea for my in-service training idea for the lab school. I'm pretty excited.

Ian has been such a grandpa's boy these days. He will actually hit other people that try and take him from grandpa. My favorite is when he closes his eyes or turns his head away from you when his grandpa has him. Apparently, if he can't see you, you can't take him, obviously.

I must finish cleaning out the closet now that Stephen is back from the Ren Fest. More later

Have a wonderful evening.

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