Friday, October 2, 2009

First Memories

The other day I was over at my parent's picking Ian up after school. Ian was crawling around on the floor as usual. My dad then pipes in something about one of his memories. This memory involved him crawling. My mom and I just stopped and starred at him. "Um... dad... you remember crawling?" Yes. Yes my dad has memories of when he was a baby, just crawling around. I try to explain to him that this isn't normal. I can barely remember what happened last week. My first memory is from some time when I was 3. And... I have no recollection of my little brother until I was a little older.

Do people really remember these things? Am I the exception because I have a terrible memory? This is just beyond ridiculous to me. Now, I'm super paranoid that Ian is going to remember EVERYTHING we do. For example. He's sitting in my lap pretending to read what I'm writing. Or... is really reading it? Lol. He's funny. But, how scary if he can actually remember this.

For example, he'll remember that I want him to play soccer and that his dad wants him to play water polo. I actually have a video of him from yesterday. He can't decide which ball to play with, water polo or soccer. He is simultaneously playing with both of them. It is hilarious. I really don't care which sport he plays, I just think it's funny. Will he remember that?

Well, this is the end of the blog. I have to run to a meeting now.

Blog out.

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