Friday, January 15, 2010

Graduate School

I've been trying really hard not to post about the wedding until after the wedding. It's rough! Especially because I'm in the last month of planning, that is ALL that I'm doing. So, I will try my absolute hardest to write about something else. (Don't worry, I will give wedding updates after the wedding... one more month!)

Not many of my readers know, but I am now a graduate student. I didn't tell anybody. Just a select few people. I was extremely apprehensive about it. There are a million factors that go into this huge decision. I mean, I have a 14 month old at home, the school is in San Antonio, job, money, etc. The list could go on forever. After many talks with Stephen, we decided it was the best thing for me to do, for the family. It will be another rough two years, but hopefully it's worth it.

I already love my class. Yes, class. Singular. Since I'm getting married this semester, I didn't want to overwhelm myself. So, I went ahead and took the one psychology class I have to take. I'm terrible at psychology. It's always my most difficult class. I don't really know why, I learn about the same theories in other classes, but it is never quite the same. Last year, I came to the conclusion, it's not the class, it's the professors. Psychology professors are all so very strange. And I simply don't get them. Same with psych students, sorry Bones. But, it's true.

I'm also having a rough time trying to come up with my path in graduate school. I don't know if I should get my teaching certificate or not. And if I do, should I get EC-6 or should I get my special education certification? I have never actually worked directly with students with disabilities. However, on every single career test I take, I score extraordinarily high in the special education segment. Last time I answered 80 something percent the same as a special education teacher. I would love to work with kiddos with disabilities, however, I don't know how stressful the job would be. I know that's a little bit selfish. And as I'm typing this, I feel like it's helping me make a decision.

Would a special education teacher PLEASE contact me and talk to me! Lol. Or, if you know someone, please point me in that direction.

Anyways, I need to get back to watching Lost (thanks Brad), preparing for work (my orientation), and reading some more for EDP.

Blog out.


  1. My aunt is retired now but she taugh special ed for years and years. Email me if you want her info.

  2. my mom owns a speech pathology practice and she deals with different kinds of kids with different kinds of disabilities. i'll be more than happy to help you get in contact if ya want! : ) : )

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