Monday, January 18, 2010

Too Advanced for My Good

I get to wake up to this baby every morning. Lol. I LOVE that face. Doesn't he look exactly like Stephen? It's creepy. (Don't you just love the balloons from my bridal shower too?!)

Just when I think Ian is too much to handle, he proves me wrong.

1) Ian can get things out of the container thingy. Case in point:

We have a big box of these. Ian gets the single thing of fruit out and walks it over to me when he wants it. If I don't open it, he continues to bring me more and more.

2) Ian can open the refrigerator. Luckily, he has yet to use his powers for evil. Instead, he opens it, gets out the cheese sticks, closes the fridge, and brings them to me for opening.

3) Ian gets out of bed in the morning without waking me. Sometimes he will. But, once he realizes I'm sleeping, he just continues on with his business. Example: This morning I woke up and saw Ian laying on his belly, typing on my laptop. You know, because he knows exactly what he's doing. Then, I went back to sleep, he was being gentle. Then, I woke up and he was gone. I heard something. Ian then walks back into the bedroom with about 11 balloons. He's adorable. I'm going to have to cage in the bed to keep him in check. I'm sure he'd just crawl over the gate. /sigh

4) Here's a conversation from the day:
Ian is standing my the front door.
Me: Bubba, you need your shoes on to go outside.
Ian walks up to me with two shoes, then sits in my lap.
Me: sigh.
Now, Ian just walks to the front door with his shoes. How does he know?! I love the new skills, I do no love how grown up he is.

5) He's also in the stage where he does not know a stranger. He walks up and says "HI!" to just about every person we encounter. My store trips have been quadrupled. Everyone he says hi to stops and has to converse with us/him. He just hams it up, smiling, flirting. He is JUST like his Grandpa Larry and Stephen. Hilariously, his go-to conversation piece is "ball." He will sit there saying 'ball' with a million different points of inflection. It's hilarious. Just say it out loud in different tones. That's how Ian converses with you. Sometimes he'll add in more of his vocabulary: hot, hottie, eyebrow, beep beep, baba, mooo, daDE, baw (ball), up, booda (we have still yet to figure out the meaning of this word, but he uses it frequently), pretty, cheese.... the list could go on and on.

6) When Ian gets frustrated, he loses all etiquette:

He threw the spoon down and put his face into the tray. HAHA!

This very moment, Ian is laying on his belly, looking at a box. The box is for my new cookware and his has food on it. He's kicking his feet saying "baba." I'm not sure kids get cuter than Ian. He has a lot to live up to this year.

Blog out.

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  1. There it is! "That Stephen Face"!