Thursday, January 14, 2010

One More Month

In one month's time, I get to continue my life with this man...

from the night I think we met

It's funny to think back to the time when we met. Stephen was 22 and I was 20 (or from Stephen's mind, I was 19). For me, it was a great way to begin a new year. 2007. We have brought in many New Years together now. If it wasn't for that night... Stephen was such a gentleman. He still is, don't worry.

Shortly after we started dating, Stephen turned 23. We went to see the Toadies. I remember I studied their discography so I wouldn't be out of the loop during the show. How funny, the things people do when they first start dating. These things need to be kept up throughout the relationship.

Wedding planning is becoming stressful. I've been putting everything off until recently. Sometimes I need to relax and remember that the entire point of this day is to celebrate. Celebrate the union of Stephen and I committing to one another.

I mean really, who couldn't love this man:

Seriously. It's so easy. Plus, he makes adorable babies:

I mean, come on. Kids don't get any cuter than that.

Blog out.

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  1. i reserve copyright for that awesome picture of stephen and the card! hahaha- that one and the one of his fondue face still crack me up even to this day : ) : )