Monday, January 4, 2010

Mommy Goggles

This has been a busy week. I didn't get to take many pictures. Stephen had a long weekend, so we played with him a lot. It was so nice! I've also been in panic mode because of the wedding. I'm stressing out! And as I started typing this, I realized I didn't have alterations on my dress! Oops.

Anyways, Ian is doing amazing. He's finally 19 pounds. I know, huge right?! He's also getting very smart. Case in point: this weekend, Ian wanted to go outside. He was waiting by the front door and I was still getting ready. I looked at him and said something similar to "Ian, you can't go outside until you have your shoes on. We need to put your shoes on." I continued getting ready. Then, Ian walks up to me with his shoes in his hands. Um, what?! Seriously?! Ian brought me his shoes when I told them he needed them. Ian is awesome.

He also has a series of new words. Thanks to Aunt Amy, he now knows "pretty." He rolls his pr though, it's hilarious. He says "mmmm" when he eats something tasty and yesterday, he said "yummy." What a personality! He also repeats me when I talk. In the middle of a sentence I may say "baby" or "ball" and he repeats me. He's funny. He just doesn't know it yet.

Look at that face! Isn't Ian incredible?!

Blog out.

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