Monday, March 29, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Quick Ian update to satisfy everyone's craving today.

Last night, Stephen and I are getting ready to go to bed (Ian is already sleeping, this new schedule is turning out wonderfully) and I stop and look at Ian. He is peacefully sleeping. Which is amazing. I'm sure he's getting much better sleep now. Not only that, but he looks so big! I mean huge. Probably like a 4 year old. He is so mature now. He is changing every day! It is phenomenal. He does everything an adult would just, he just does it in a smaller way... and sometime a little more strange. He helps me with the dishes, he starts the dishwasher, he'll pick up his toys when asked. And, as I found out, he understands a lot more than we think he does. If we ask a question, he'll find someway to answer it.

The other day, I couldn't find his brown shoes. I said to Stephen, "I can find this one, but I don't know where the other brown shoe is!" And I give up and start getting myself ready. Ian walked into my room with both of his brown shoes in tow and hands them to me. OUTRAGEOUS! It is a weird feeling to know that he understands me now.

What? You don't believe me? Here's another example. He knows that when him and daddy go to Petsmart, the usually get new fish. And he was so happy walking in the door holding these new fish. And he actually knew what to do! He helped daddy put the fish in the bag in the tank to even out the water (I'm sure he doesn't know the reasons, just that we do it). And he was SUPER excited. He was sitting in his chair in front of the tank looking in at it, talking to me about it, pointing.  It was hysterical.

He just looks so happy, right? I love it.

His vocabulary is still rapidly growing; DVD, orange, and just about any word that you say that he likes.

That is all for now. I have to go read for Ian... and myself. :)


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  1. Now THAT is one handsome fellow! See you all this weekend!