Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's a Blog?


We've been busy! Stephen got a new bike.

I made sushi with the mom.

And I took some Easter pictures of Ian.

We've also officially filed our taxes, sort of started the photography business, took a midterm, in the process of writing a paper and reading 3 chapters, and doing a project, working, having a poor sick baby, not cleaning the home, needing to write thank you cards, changing my name, trying to see friends, being a wife, mommy, and daughter, getting an early start on my mom's mother's day gift, getting Stephen a new bike, playing, playing, and playing with Ian, going to the park, going to the museum, cooking, falling behind on laundry, etc etc. I'm leaving a lot out. I'm amazed at how I get ANYTHING done! :)

But, I do love it. I get to hang out with my loves a lot. Does anyone want to be my personal assistant? I'm taking applications. I can only pay you with hugs and Ian's presence.

- Expect pictures soon, I get to steal my cousin for a day! She's amazing. She's also known as The Flower Girl.
- Expect more pictures! I get to take some pictures of my friend and her gorgeous daughter!

- Expect me to keep up with the blog until the semester is over... at least. Oops...


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  1. I've not checked in all week. You've been super busy! The Sushi looks delicious. Remember to take care of yourself too!