Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ian and the Leaves

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Stephen decided to grill some burgers for lunch and I made some homemade french fries.

Ian is always wanting to go outside, so we figured this was a good arrangement. While they were cooking, Stephen decided to start raking our yard. Which, is an endless process because there are 20 bagillion leaves out there.

Ian noticed this from inside and decided to sneak outside. He was pretty apprehensive and kept sneaking up to the leaf pile and looking at me for approval. It was hilarious.

He finally decided to take his first dive into the pile and he immediately looked up at me to make sure it was okay.

Of course!! He then proceeded to follow his dad around the yard saying "more! more!" to make the pile bigger and bigger. I thought it was pretty hysterical, as did daddy. Needless to say, he started to have a blast.

Note to self: to get Ian to come outside, simply rake up some leaves.

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