Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 has been an incredible year. In January I was a recent college graduate, working part time and planning mine and Stephen's wedding. I was playing with this kiddo every day:

Then, came February. The month that Stephen and I got married. It was pretty blissful. A cold front hit about 30 seconds before our outdoor ceremony started. It was freezing and windy, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

Then came March. Ian loves the water, so we took him to the water park a lot.

April. April. April. Easter is a fun time in this family. It was Ian's second Easter and he more or less just watched what went on. This is also the month that Ian got his first haircut ever.

May was fun too. I was finishing up my first semester in graduate school and this is the month we found out we were pregnant with Mila (even though we didn't announce it until much later). I felt like doing this 24/7:

Next came June. Ian had his first zoo trip. And we had a blast during Father's Day.

In July, we watched the Fireworks. I remember Ian being slightly scared this year (and extremely tired). I believe this is when I started my current job. Which I adore.

In August, Ian got even more into books and we were even making lots of progress in potty training (not anymore though).

In September, the potty training was put on hold (and has yet to continue) due to a slight set back. Ian had his first broken bone. He broke his leg! It was terrifying for me. But, we made it through.

October was Ian's first Halloween to run around and actually go door to door. He did an awesome job.

In November, Ian turned 2. Can you believe that? My baby is 2! That's insane. He had a wonderful time at his birthday party. I turned 24, which I still do not feel like, but I'll take it. 2011 will ring in my 25th year, I'll almost be to 30! We also closed on our first house. We love it here.

December was amazing as well. We pretty much spent all of December working on our new big purchase, and I'm sure much of 2011 will be spent on the same thing.

Hopefully 2011 will bring you more blogs and a new baby. I'll try and stay more on top of all of our adventures and relay them to you. Without further ado, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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