Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last Day of Pregnancy

This is a quick post about my last day of pregnancy. I went into labor on January 12, 2011 when I was approximately 39 weeks, 3 days. My water broke that morning at 7:30 and by the time I was supposed to be at the doctor at 10:30, I'd had about 4 contractions. The doctor wasn't too happy about that, so he moved me over to the hospital and I was given some pitocin to help speed up the labor.

I was still pretty happy at this point.

Stephen, Amy, and my mom were in the room with me (and for a while, my Aunt Lisa was too). It was helpful to have so much support because this labor was full of extremely difficult decisions because of the complicated delivery. For those that don't know, we were attempting a VBAC. Soon, the contractions were getting pretty intense. Hypnobabies helped a lot and they didn't really hurt, but they were very, very intense.

Stephen's timing while I'm trying to relax.

A couple of hours later and I hadn't really progressed very much. Maybe a centimeter. After having a long talk with Stephen and my doctor, we decided to get an epidural. If something were to happen, they'd have to put me under to get Mila out, and I wanted to see her immediately. So, epidural was the safest decision for us. Around this time, we got an amazing gift from Rafik and Sandra before the baby was even born!

Stinking cute, right?

Mila's heart rate was going up and down, so we tried to change positions. Upon this change, we lost her heart rate for a long time...

Finally got her heart rate through a fetal heart rate monitor placed directly on her head.

That was pretty scary and the doctor stayed in my room for a while monitoring her heart rate. I could hear it getting really slow and it was really scary. The doctor stayed with us for a while, talked to us, then left to let us make our decision. Mila's heart rate was slowing down even more and it was like deshavu  with Ian's labor.

We decided to get a c-section again before it turned into an emergency like with Ian.

He's reaching for the camera, not flipping it off.

They immediately took us down for a c section to get Mila out safely. That's the story of my last day of pregnancy. I'll finish the birthing story tomorrow. I'll also try and update my daily picture posts tomorrow. Yes, I brought the camera and continued to take pictures.

Blog out.


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