Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend with the Amigos

Good morning my lovely readers! I couldn't sleep last night, so I cleaned the kitchen (what?!) and prepared my coffee maker. So, I awoke this morning to the glorious smell of my breakfast blend. Mmmmm... I have to do this more often.

This post will be full of pictures! Amy and Broc came to visit for Broc's 30th birthday. It went splendidly. We all went to the football game (UT vs UTEP). It was a blowout, but it was a good, fun game. I turned into a lobster. I also, am now supporting UT 24/7. I wore longhorn stickers on my face. And now I have a tan of a longhorn on my face. Here's the picture:

Can you see it ? It's on the right side of the picture... awkwardly enough, right below my longhorn on the visor. Here are a few other pictures from the game:

Notice, I have a napkin on my chest and Stephen's face is his "I'm so hot, I'm melting" face. Oh, the fun. I was trying to prevent my chest from burning. It worked out for the most part. My right shoulder is the only place that is pretty badly burned.

Me and Amy. Beautiful. Later, we realized that we were wearing the same kind of shirt, Broc and Stephen are both wearing cargo shorts and t-shirts (I'll show you a picture in a minute). Me and Stephen are both wearing orange, Amy and Broc are both wearing white. Cute. I will end this blog with a lovely picture of the boys:

Don't they look so happy together? Teehee.

Anyways, it was a great weekend. I love it. Hopefully, they come back soon for a visit. It was their first UT football game. Shocker! I've been going to those games since I was younger. I love UT! I can't wait to bring Ian to a game. Wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Blog out.


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