Tuesday, November 17, 2009

100th Post


Today marks the day of my 100th post! Oh, loyal readers, 100 posts is a lot. I thought it would be fitting to see how much you know about me. I'm aware that today should be my Ten on Tuesday, but I'll post that tomorrow (Wednesday) instead.

Click here to go take a quiz about me. Last week, Justin gave some people from our class a quiz about himself. I have decided to do one too! I will leave it up for a week and next Tuesday, I will announce a winner!

Due to a severe lack of funds and a plethora of Martha Stewart vibes, I will make the winner a personalized template for a card they can send out to their friends and family. (Be it a holiday, birthday, birth announcement, just for fun, etc. card). I recently made my friend, Deana, a card for her son's birthday. She loved it. I will attempt to make someone else happy as well. I always order my fancy prints from MPix. I love the site. Deana ordered hers from there too and they look wonderful.

There are 12 questions. The highest you can score is 100%. I will not give away your e-mail address either. I just want to be able to contact the winner via e-mail. Though, I will also announce it on here.

What are you waiting for? Go take my quiz. How well do you know me?

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