Monday, November 16, 2009

Mommy Goggles

This day seems to be a favorite among my readers. Who knew that Ian was so interesting?! I did! I would talk about him every single day if I could. But, I do practice some restraint and I try and fit it all into one day.

This last week was an amazing one with my one year old boy. He is incredible. He virtually never crawls anymore. When he does, it is really strange. He walks everywhere! He has also started doing this new thing where he chases me or Stephen and then clings onto our legs when he catches us, giggling with joy. It makes me so happy. It's adorable. He is also starting to stick his tongue out when he focuses. Another adorable thing.

Over the weekend, we visited the park. You should know that Stephen is pushing Ian to play water polo and I am pushing him to play soccer. Take a look at my little one at the park:

Action shot of Ian dribbling on the sidewalk. I know, I know, he's starting early. It's also a size 5 soccer ball, just to give you an idea on his tiny size. And yes, he is actually kicking the ball and following it. Amazing.

Ian's current two favorite words: hot and up. EVERYTHING is hot and he ALWAYS wants up. We also think he knows "eye," either that or it is a quintessence. On his bear, he will hit its eyeball and say 'eye.' He has also taken a liking to poking people in the eyes. His daddy and his cousin are two recent victims. I say "where is daddy's eye?" and he poked him in the eye. I thought it was hilarious. Stephen? Not so much.

Until tomorrow, I bid you adieus my readers.

P.S. Tomorrow is my 100th post!

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