Friday, November 6, 2009

Human Development

Delicious. Last night my mom bought some tiramisu. I was too full to eat it last night so I woke up this morning and decided I didn't want to cook breakfast. Sitting in front of me, I have a plate of tiramisu. It is so delicious.

Moving on, last night I was reminded of why I chose my major. I remember when I was an economics and finance major. I remember sitting through my classes thinking this is so boring, is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life? No. I mean, I could barely keep my eyes open. Sure, it was easy enough, but I was literally bored to tear. I went to the career testing center and they told me about HDFS (Human Development and Family Sciences). I decided to give it a try, it had to be better than this.

I walked into my first class in GEA. It was HDF 304 Family Relationships. It was a wonderful class. I willingly came to every class. I sat in the front, took notes, and listened. I just listened. It was so intriguing! Then, I would go home, tell Stephen everything I learned and occasionally, make him do an activity from class. This was funny because in class we took them to see what our commitment was to our significant other. Stephen passed every single thing with flying colors... sometimes he scored better than me. That was embarrassing. Since that point on, I was always eager to partake in another HDF class. My life has been full of them. I love them.

Over the past few weeks, my practicum (internship) has been having a seminar where we give presentations on ANYTHING we want to the class (it just has to relate to young children). Every week, I'm excited to sit through everyone's presentations. Yesterday, I was reminded why I love this major so very, very much. First, everyone in our group wanted to go first. We decided to go in alphabetical order, so I went first. I presented on Montessori. I made everyone eat delicious food. Then, Carina went, People First Language. VERY important. I remember taking a class that involved that as well. Then, Justin went.

This part I really enjoyed. He should give lectures! He's so entertaining. He gave us all the True Colors quiz. Most of us were Blue. (Go look it up!) Finally, we finished with Kevin's ice cream presentation and the importance of science with young children. I, of course, took the place of that child with attention issues (see Carina, people first language. My bag broke during the shaking process and salt and ice flew all over the table. It was okay though. I still enjoyed my ice cream later. Our entire night was full of laughing and fun.

It reminded me of my Family Relationships class. I was always excited to go and always left in a very happy mood. Last night, I left class feeling great. Justin brought up a good point, he loves Thursdays! Those are the days where he sees us last and then sees us again first thing in the morning. I truly love these people! I love this major. I'm glad I changed (even if I don't know what I'm going to do yet).

Thank you lovely presenters for reminding me of that last night. It was delightful.

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  1. So what are those tests that show commitment to the other person? It sounds like you're having a blast! Will you miss this when you are graduated? I guess there's always continuing ed....