Monday, November 23, 2009

Mommy Goggles

Seriously, how did I go one whole week without taking any new pictures of Ian? Oh wait, that's right. Ian loves technology. Here are a few things that he enjoys:

  • Turning on and off the computer;
  • Turning on and off Uncle Michael's XBox;
  • Turning on and off Daddy's PS2;
  • Texting and calling people from any phone;
  • Taking mommy's memory card out of the computer and hiding it.
The last one is the reason I have no new pictures of Ian. I have a few memory cards even. I usually find them in very awkward places. I'm scared that soon, I will find one in his diaper. Not to worry, I've been frantically looking for a memory card. Stephen and I need to build a door that covers the computer so he will not be able to mess with them.

This morning, I woke up to Ian saying 'up.' I thought he was awake. He wasn't. Apparently, Ian now talks in his sleep. I have a feeling, that if this sleep-talking increases, I won't be sleeping very often. I wake up to any and all Ian noises. Oh, speaking of talking... Ian has added 'ball' to his vocabulary! Or, 'ba.' He doesn't have the 'l' sound down yet, but eh, it's close enough. We know what he's talking about.

This week was full of new Ian-things. This one is hilarious though. This weekend, he walked up to me and clung onto my leg and said "up." 
I didn't pick him up because I was cooking. I'm not coordinated. I said "no bubba, I'm cooking."
Ian proceeded to cry and run to Stephen yelling "DADDY!!"
Is it cruel for me to think that's funny? We were both laughing. I think that Ian tattled on me! Where does he pick these things up from?

Even more exciting, he's figured out how to open our sliding door. We found him outside on the porch. He's also been reaching up for the front door. I guess it's time to child-proof these things.

It's hard for me to remember all of the fabulous things he's been doing. It's incredible. He is continuously growing in leaps and bounds.


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