Monday, November 2, 2009

What Yoda In?

I had a catastrophe this weekend. I was all prepared with Ian's costume when... I left my memory card at home. My mom's camera was acting funny, so we went to buy more batteries for it. This did not solve the problem. Needless to say, we got zero pictures of Ian actually trick-or-treating. He did however, make it to 3 whole houses! And I did get a couple pictures of him as Yoda.

Just in case you don't have a Facebook to view that. I am in love. He is definitely going to have to be Yoda two years in a row I think. Usually, I own my biases because he's my kid and all. But really, he is the cutest Baby Yoda in the entire world. He usually hates wearing hats and things on his head, however this did not seem to bother him one bit. He left it on. He left the coat on. It was a Halloween Miracle. Minus the fact that mommy forgot her memory card.

This was a monumental occasion: Ian had his first piece of pizza. I say piece, he was taking bits of T-Bone's pizza. Nonetheless, he seemed to love it. Lately, he has been a very good eater. I don't know what it is. He's becoming pretty expensive to feed. Over  the weekend, we walked to the grocery store several times so that he could have the freshest of foods. I keep thinking that he probably weighs over 20 pounds now because he's been eating so much food! Stephen thinks that he is just eating normal, he's just not sick anymore. When he was sick, he ate zero times a day (besides mommy's milk, pedialyte, and sprite pops). And even then, it was difficult at times.

I am taking a brief break from the update on Ian and I'm going to go ahead and tell on Stephen. Janet, I know that you're reading, call Stephen. Talk to him. He needs to go to the doctor. He's been coughing up a lung for a few days now. I know you're not setting the best example (Janet broke her foot a while back and still needs to go to the doctor, that's right, I'm telling on you too). Make Stephen go to the doctor. Thank you.

Ian has decided to take a huge leap and has been walking everywhere. Mainly when nobody is watching. He just walks and walks while holding his ball. Then throws it. Then bends down picks it up, and does it all over again. He's adorable. This is amazing. I love watching him. He's a great person to watch. You can see his wheels turning in his head. He's so determined and focused. Today was not the best of days for him. He has his first ever diaper rash. I'm not really sure what it's from. He's also figured out how to take his diapers off. He's spent  most of the day naked. Which is okay, because of the rash. I didn't fight him much. It's probably why he kept taking it off.

He is also unaware of day light savings. He was up at 6:30 and he went to sleep at 6:00. Ridiculous. Being awake before the sun rises is nice and peaceful. However, I usually like to do it on my own. At least I'm in good company. Morning Ian is amazing. With of his stretches, then his inconspicuous ways to try and awake me. Finally, when I open my eyes, I see the biggest brightest smile gleaming over my face. It's wonderful. It makes my day. I mean, his smile, it's just so amazing! See for yourself!

I don't know why this picture won't center itself.

Well, I am off. We have a busy day/week ahead of ourselves. Ian turns one this week!


  1. STEPHEN - GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!! I know many people who have bronchitis or worse! You could easily have this & not know it. You need drugs. Do you have a temp? Do you have an appetite? Lisa has a very bad cold and she's going to the doctor.

    AMANDA: Anyone ever tell you you're a tattle tell? The swelling has stopped and I danced Friday night, Saturday night, & Sunday. So there!

  2. I showed Ian's Yoda pic to everyone and of course they said he was adorable....because he is! That was THE perfect costume for him!