Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am taking a break from studying at Starbucks... just a few minutes. I miss my little man. He's getting to spend a day with grandma and grandpa at the park. I hope that they are having fun. I hear that they are going to get some frozen yogurt! It's a new place. I love my parent's location. They are so close to EVERYTHING. I mean, we're close to tons of things too, but we don't really have a park like they do. We do have an open field. I should start taking Ian there more often to practice soccer, so he'll one day be a super star player. Hopefully they took pictures so that I can post them tomorrow. That would be wonderful.

Next week is Stephen's birthday. This coming weekend is Stephen's mom's birthday and my little cousin's birthday! I love how both Janet and I have kids within a week of our own birthdays, what are the chances?

Anyways, back to studying. I'll post again tomorrow and try to keep up with it. Hopefully within this month, mine and Deana's blog will be up. Then hopefully, the month after that, we'll have our official site up and running. Stay tuned for more information on that.

P.S. Tomorrow, I will be making my name change official! I'm so excited. Funny story, I saw that our marriage license came in the mail on Friday. And I was super excited! I ran an tore it open, also ripping our marriage license. It wasn't too bad and I taped it back together. Lesson? Relax when opening mail. I'm sure it can wait a few seconds. I hadn't even had my marriage license for one second and I destroyed it. I may have been slightly rambunctious.


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