Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Wedding Fact #1

Thursday's will make their best efforts to be about Fun Wedding Facts about my wedding. Even if they aren't that fun.
I wasn't prepared at all a day in advance of the wedding. Groomsmen, Robe, and I stayed up until 2 am printing them because BOTH of my printers wigged out on me. Apparently, two printers aren't enough. I'm pretty sure Robe was falling asleep between each set of print outs. We did 10 at a time. We had to wait and let the printer cool off. It was fun. It was interesting. Next time? There won't be a next time! But, if I'm ever helping a bride out, I'll help out by doing these a week or two in advance FOR her.

I'll try and post a picture of it next week... along with FWF #2.


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