Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Post

This weekend I took some time to take a few pictures. Deana and I are thinking about starting a photography company (if we can ever think of a name). So, in the mean time, we are trying to create a portfolio. If you want some pictures, e-mail me!

Here are a few pictures of my little brother and his friend, Mike. This was a senior session. Light was bad, but we made it through. We'll be doing another one with girlfriend too.

{Mom & Deana's favorite}

{I like Mike's awkward expression, and obviously, the tree}

{Mike looks like a super model here, hair blowing and all}

{My friend, Kevin, noticed your tattoo.. not in this picture}

{Some awesome boys}

{Mike was talking through all of the pictures}

All in all, it was an okay shoot. I need a way to try and make them more comfortable. Maybe I'll give them some alcohol? Just kidding mom!

You have to wait until tomorrow to see the ones of Ian.


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  1. Love them! I am sending over lots of names right now.. read them, decide! LOL!