Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I promised that after the wedding I'd post more. And not only that, I'd tell you more about the wedding and the details. Well, all of that will come. I am going to wait until I see more wedding pictures, because I have no idea what I will have in the way of pictures. I have gotten two for a preview and I love them. ;)

Our apartment is stuffed full of things. And it's an absolute disaster. I always lose things. Today, Stephen kept asking me where his keys were and I had no idea, I couldn't find them. Five minutes later:  I find them in my hands. This is frequent for me. I am alway loosing things and misplacing things. It was never this bad though. It happens at least five times a day. I blame it on motherhood. I haven't been able to find my keys since before the wedding. Oops. Hopefully they turn up soon.

Anyways, the apartment is full of things. I haven't written a single thank you card. But, there is a reason for that. I have a cute idea for thank you cards, and I need some time to make it become a reality. I'll tell you about that later too.

Despite what everyone has told me, being a wife does feel different. Which, I wasn't expecting. We've lived together for almost 3 years now and we have a child together. I figured the only difference would be the rings on our fingers (and the fact that he would have to try a lot harder to leave me now... mwhahaha). But alas, I do feel a little different. I'm going to change my name. Yes. But, that's not it. It's really hard to explain it. Something is definitely different here people, seriously.

Sorry this blog is all jumbled. I'll  get back into writting in my old style soon. Give me some time to settle in.


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