Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Has anyone heard this term used lately? It is a new thing. My little brother has a bromance. It is hilarious. They completely boost one another's self-esteem in every way possible. My little brother does not need help in this department, but whatever. In the mornings my mom would take them to school. They would get in the car and it immediately starts, "You're hair looks nice today dude." "Oh thanks, yours too."

Yesterday was my favorite. We asked my little brother to put together a toy for Ian. It was more difficult than he thought it would be (baby toys are tough). His friend showed up and they put built it together. When they were done, this is how the conversation goes: (Keep in mind, both boys are Michael, I call my brother Michael and his friend Mike).

Mom - "Thanks Michael!"
Me - "Wow, Michael, you actually put something together!"
Michael - "Well, Mike helped."
Mike - "Nah bro, it was all you."

Really?! Then I got to thinking, if this was a married couple, they would never fight. Each of them would always feel awesome, much like these two do all the time. It just makes sense. Instead of always wanting credit in those situations, we should give it out. This is my new goal. I think if all relationships were like Bromances, they would be amazing.

On a side note, Stephen shaved his face. My little cousin D put it the best. Stephen with his beard, looks 30. Stephen without his beard, looks 20. Here are some pictures:

Stephen at age 30...

Stephen at age 20.

Ridiculous. I like it. He did it because it was hot. Ian kept trying to grab his beard now that it's gone. It's hilarious.

ETA: Stephen is 25.

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  1. hahahaha bromance. i love that term by the way. and stephen looks crazy without it! years younger stephen, years!