Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TV Secrets?

Has anyone else noticed that there are zero decent, new shows on at the moment? If there is one on cable, that doesn't count. I cancelled cable because I was TiVo-ing everything and not focusing on school work. (I like this decision and now watch Hulu instead). Anyways, all of the shows that I watched (The Office, How I Met Your Mother, House, etc) all had their season finales. Now, there is nothing.

What are these TV people thinking? It is SUMMER now. More people will watch shows now. During the school year, not so much. I demand that they have good shows over the summer and not just during the school year. Is there some logic to this? I don't see any. They would have way more ratings right now.

I need to know their method to this maddness. Now. Please inform me if you know.

On a side note, Stephen and I haven't been on a date since I was still in school... so it's been a while. I wanted to give Props! to my parents because they're going to watch Ian on Friday so that Stephen and I can go on a date. I'm thinking the Alamo Drafthouse! WO!

That is all.

Blog out.


  1. My guess is because people are on vacation in the summer time. There is more structure during the school year so they know you'll be planted in front on the TV to watch their show.

    Just a guess!

  2. Yeah, people are gone more over the summer so ratings would suck! And congrats on finally going on a date lol!

  3. your bridesmaid, c :)June 21, 2009 at 12:01 AM deserve it, girl :)

    and i think its an evil plan to get kids to suffer in school ;)

    no but i agree with the girls.