Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eric Clapton

As part of my busy week, Stephen and I drove to Houston Wednesday to see Eric Clapton. We are insane. We drove to Houston around 1 (I'm completely making this number up, it was sometime after lunch). And we drove back to Austin after the concert.

Let me start from the beginning. Months ago, Stephen's parents invited us to this show. We, of course, accepted the invitation. Eric Clapton is amazing. Stephen's dad had to unexpectedly go out of town for business, so we had 4 tickets. After tons and tons of confusion, Robe and Caroline attended the show with us. It was so worth it. Plus, I hadn't seen Robe and Caroline in 9 months, and they are both in our wedding party. They bring joy to my heart.

Here are some pictures from the night:

Me and Caroline. :)

I must get a picture of me drinking every single time I drink. Here is one.

Yes, that is the man (boy?) I'm going to marry. :D

Stephen's nachos. If my mom were there, she would have not said a word as he licked the cheese off of his fingers... she would have handed him a napkin. He wouldn't have used it (or even gotten the hint). It's hilarious that she still tries.

Stephen and Robe...

This is the hippie that sat next to me and Caroline.

I had to be creative to get a picture of this guy without him knowing. Caroline is barely in the picture. I did my job. I like to imagine that if Stephen's dad could have gone to the show, that is much like what he would have worn. We couldn't get a picture of his bellbottoms, those were the best.

I also came to the conclusion that Eric Clapton must be Larry's (Stephen's dad) idol. They are identical twins. It was ridiculous.

The night was good. We were not the youngest ones there. We saw a few high school boys, they were with their parents. The entire show was awesome. Older people do not dance. They sit like they are in a movie theater... until Cocaine is played. There was so much dancing. We really enjoyed watching one man, we was spinning in cirlces. It was awesome.

I'm really glad we got to see Clapton. It was a blast. We then had to drive back to Austin... we had work in the morning.

Blog out.

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  1. aw you bring joy to our hearts!

    so much confusion and im sorry for it, but yes, TOTALLY worth it in the end.

    love you guys :)

    i ADORE that spinning guy hahahahahaha.