Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy Goggles

Is it really already Monday? My days are flying by way to quickly. Yesterday was awesome. My parents watched Ian so that Stephen and I could have a domestic day and clean up the apartment. i finally finished unpacking my things. I ordered Stephen's Father's Day gift too. It'll be at his work on Wednesday. There will be no element of surprise. Before I get to Ian, I have to share with you what happened yesterday. I went to my parent's place for dinner. My mom was making my favorite ribs in the world, so of course I had to show up and eat. Well, after dinner I went with my mom to get Michael's septum peirced (that's the middle part of your nose). It was terrible! The guy peirced it, then he couldn't put the jewelry through. Michael had to sit there with it half way through his nose. The guy was wiggling it around. He then had to put a taper in a he tried about 4 times before he finally got it with a different type of ring. I was wiggling around in pain myself just from watching. I would post pictures but they are all on Michael's phone. Sadly, his bromance couldn't attend, so I was updating him with pictures and texts the entire time. I'll get pictures so everyone can see.

BTW: my mother had to take Michael to get it done. Last time she denied him a peircing, he did it himself and it was very infected. He had to go to the doctor's office, etc. So, instead of having this happen again, she took him to get it done professionally. Lol.

Now, onward to my child! This weekend he gets to meet Caroline and Robe. I'm pretty excited (he would be too if he knew). I was writing down all of his "firsts" over the weekend. I realized that I didn't have the first tiem he rolled over. Then I thought about it for a while. We never really knew when this was. From about 1 month, he was rolling over when we weren't around. I'd put him on his back and he would always roll to his belly. I remember this being alarming because baby's aren't supposed to sleep on their stomach's right away, but it is the only way he'd sleep, and he'd put himself into that position. The midwife didn't think it was a big deal. I just had to remove EVERYTHING from his crib... even the bumper. Why oh why do they sell them with the baby bedset if you are not supposed to use them!?

Incase you don't have a facebook, here are some awesome pictures for you.

Ian and daddy playing.

They just got back from their walk and Ian had a flower for me...

Ian really wanted his hat off for some reason.

Daddy and Ian just got back from teir walk. Their both wearing hats, adorable.

This isn't a picture of Ian!

That is a picture of my breakfast in bed from over the weekend. How delightful. Anyways, Ian is doing amazing. He is absolutely wonderful.

Blog out.

ETA: Here is a darling video of Ian. Ignore is huge pants. They are 6 month pants, but he's little. =]

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  1. 1) ouchhhh...poor mikey
    2) i love that pic of ian sitting in that wierd contraption we made him!
    3) the vid is TOOOOOO cute! cant wait to hold him! :)