Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where, Oh Where Have I Been?!

Wow... what a busy time I have been having. Not all of it was busy though, but I was still out of it. Let me start off by explaining to you that I have a cold, I think. I am congested. Which is okay, I don't really mind not being able to smell or taste. But somehow, I'm thrown off. I'm pretty disoriented (more so than usual). For example, on Friday last week, I thought it was Tuesday. That's not just one day... that is several days off. I was on the very wrong part of the week.

Mix that in with Father's Day, visitors, Eric Clapton, work, baby, wedding planning, it gets exhausting. So, I've been being exhausted. I'm sorry. I will never avoid my blog this many days in a row again. So much happened, that I need more than one post to talk about it. The following topics will be talked about within the next few posts:
  • Father's Day
  • Amy!
  • Wedding
  • Eric Clapton
  • Ian
Father's Day was awesome. I cannot remember if I already wrote about it or not. But, I'm going to tell you about it anyways. It was awesome. Stephen's parents came up from Houston and we all had lunch at my parent's place. My mom's brother came too because it was his birthday. We had amazing steak and shrimp. I'm assuming it was amazing because 1) it usually is and 2) I'm sick remember? I couldn't actually taste it.

Stephen couldn't figure out what to get his dad because the man has everything he wants, much like my dad, but we'll get to that later. Stephen ended up going to Spec's and getting his dad some delicious beer and a mug that says "Party Naked." Oh Stephen. The beer was a great idea. Stephen and his dad love drinking beer of all kinds. The mug... need I say more?

My dad got some binoculars. They are specifically for football games. I did much research on them and they are awesome. He had a pair, but they were no good... I had to give him an upgrade.

Stephen has been whining nonstop about wanting an external hard drive. I saw no point in it. His computer has uber amounts of memory on it. However, I couldn't think of anything else to get him for Father's Day that he really wanted. So, I ordered him an external hard drive. It is where we store EVERYTHING now. I guess we shouldn't bog down our computer's space.

Anyhow, Father's Day was uber. Needless to say, there will be some awesome information coming your way over the week (and next week). My wedding planning has finally gotten off the ground! Ian has had some awesome developments too.

Tune in later!

Blog out.

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