Monday, June 8, 2009

Mommy Goggles Monday

Good morning! Today is Ian's update day! How exciting.

Yesterday, Ian was officially 7 months old! I cannot believe how old he is. He's ancient now. He still army crawls occassionaly, but I think that he has given it up. He has decided to be an inch worm. He lifts up into the crawl position and flattens out, rinse and repeat. It's adorable. He moves so fast though, it amazes me. He can get all around our apartment no problem.

What else is Ian up to? Well, he has only spent one night in his new room. I did buy a baby monitor though. And some dots for his wall. My moms bought him a hamper. He is growing hair every single day. He is starting to look ridiculous with hair.

Oh, he's also chewing some foods with his gums. He STILL has no teeth. Amazing. Well, here are some more adorable pictures of Ian.

Hehe, I love this one. He's like "what?! what do you want!?"

He talks on his phone.

I have no idea where this face came from. But I couldn't stop laughing at this picture. Oh Ian and his facial expressions. He has more than I do. I wonder if this says anything about his future personality.

Also, notice that my baby has brown hair and blue eyes... this is weird, still. Both Stephen and I have brown hair and brown eyes. And obviously Ian looks like Stephen identical twin... I'm still wondering who the mother of this amazingly adorable child is.

Have a nice day readers!

Blog out.

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