Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Moving

Moving moving moving. That was rough. Moving is never fun, ever. But it went pretty smoothly. And look at me!... I'm on the internet. Our cable guy was awesome. He was playing with Ian while working. Apparently, he has an 11 month old himself. Sweet.

I remember a long time ago when Stephen and I were moving out of our first apartment. I was in my first trimester with Ian and I was completely dragging ass. (Pregnancy made me extremely exhausted). I couldn't go one day without a few naps. I also could NOT drink caffeine. One of my first signs was my inability to hold down coffee. It was sad. Anyways, we are cleaning the apartment and I remember my mom and Janet (Stephen's mom) telling me how easy moving and cleaning was. They kept telling me "This is nothing. You just wait." I thought they were nuts. Until recently. This move was ridiculous.
If you think about it, you cannot do "trips" with a baby, unless you plan on only using one arm. I do
n't know about you, but unless you are superman, this is nearly impossible. And not only that, but I was wanting to move instead of watch Ian because (brace yourself) moving was easier than watching Ian. Turns out, our parents were right. What? Did I really just say that? Yes. They were right. Moving is easy.

Motherhood has really taken everything out of me. The next phenomenon I need to tackle, unpacking with baby. This does not seem too possible. The apartment is a reck. But, I must say, I love the room! I also love how Stephen has set up our computers. Classy. El Esteban is unpacking right now as we speak. And watching basketball, I don't know why. Basketball is the only sport I cannot watch. I've never played it.
I do not understand it. Oh, but no worries, Dylan and
Marissa will help me decorate Ian's room in a few weeks! I have some ideas for them. Ian's room will be decorated with his cousin's artwork. B-e-a-u-tiful!

Anyways, the move was great. My blog schedule might change a little bit. I am working now (I babysit my 2 cousins).

I'll sign off today with a picture of Ian.

I plead the 5th... I have no idea how he got that marker on his face...
Or do I?

And one from yesterday... he's just too cute!!

Ah!! Loves it.

Blog out.


  1. Where did yall move to?
    And I agree about basketball... its the worst! blah!

  2. We live in the same apartment complex as we did before, just in a 2 bedroom... lol.