Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, it's 2:30, I've been up since 1:30, as I have been all week. All of the days, with today as the exception, was because of nausea. Nausea that has decided to grace me with its presence in the third trimester. Tonight, it's because the babe has allergies. He was coughing up a storm. I mean, really bad. I think he was two coughs away from wheezing. Stupid allergies. He's had medicine, baby rub, the humidifier, and the ease of sleeping on my chest to elevate him. He's now sleeping next to me, finally. And, he hasn't coughed in 20 minutes.

This gives me a dilemma. I took off work tomorrow so that we could go to ACL. However, something is telling me that being outdoors on grass, in Austin, isn't very helpful to allergies. These are times when I wish Aunt Franny or Granny Janny were in town. But alas, I'll probably be staying with Ian. We'll probably attempt it regardless to see how he handles it.

But for now, my benadryl has worn off, so I'll be watching some TV in hopes that I can fall back asleep. Sorry for the lack of posts friends.

Blog out.


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  1. Im sorry amanda, at least you can get some rest...I hope it is some crazy inside allergy he has so when you go outside he feels better and you can do ACL